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Buyer asked to cancel the order after a month

I have been working for a client from the last one month and now after multiple revisions he just told me "We just aren’t connecting on anything. I appreciate the effort but I am going to have to work with someone local to get this done. Thank you for your time.

Please cancel the order."

wow! after ALL the work i have done, i am asked to cancel the order and to refund plus i’ll have to bear the order completion loss. why sellers are always suffering here? why there’s no solution to this? there should be some consequences for the buyers too. anything we can do regarding this issue?


:frowning: agree with you …

You do NOT have to accept the cancellation! If you feel that you delivered what was ordered, and completed all necessary revisions then do not cancel. A buyer is allowed to leave a rating if they feel the project did not go well. However, you are entitled to your compensation if you delivered what was asked.

Edit: I noticed your premium gig offers ‘unlimited revisions’. Did your customer order a gig like this? If so, you are learning a lesson of why not to offer unlimited revisions.


Don’t cancel it, you don’t have to… Just be clear that you want to finish this order. I mean at the end of the day it is going to be either a bad review, or lost income. I always go with a bad review because time is money and when you work and then don’t get paid on top of that… that is ridiculous.

And to be clear, make sure you tell the buyer you are 100% willing to work with them to make it right, but you are not going to refund. Fiverr will not force a refund.


Please do not give the OP false hope. The reality is that Fiverr will indeed give the buyer his/her money back if they complain to CS. That, or they can do a PayPal chargeback.

I’d say don’t cancel, but it may end up cancelled anyway.


tell them to get lost

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Accept the loss and move on. I know that it will leave a bitter taste, but there is no point in stressing about it. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

The best advice would be to try and identify such buyers before you start working with them.

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I’ve had buyers scream from the mountain tops and Fiverr support has always told me, they will never refund an order if you are willing to work on it… it is their policy.

I have even gotten my money back the one time it did happen, so you don’t have to cave to the pressure of the buyer, just be firm and polite and tell them you are willing to work with them to solve the issue, if Fiverr sees you are willing to work the problem out, they will not refund.

They will only refund if you stop responding and are not willing to help… now this goes with out saying but at some point even losing money is better than working with a person who is just going to waste your time even further… so you have to weigh the options.

The 100% best outcome for you is if the buyer is unreasonable and unwilling to work with you anymore, just remind them you are 100% willing and able to help and work with them, they are the ones being unreasonable and Fiverr will see that.

I’m a top rated seller and I’ve never had an order refunded because of this and the only one that was I got my money back… so take it from me.


i really want to :DDDD

i’m always open to revisions but sometimes they just ask to “cancel the order” after MULTIPLE revisions. as i offer unlimited revisions i never refused to work but in the end if they’re not reaching somewhere they just ask for a refund and to be honest i’m so scared of contacting the customer support as I’ve seen people getting their accounts banned for no reason so i just cancel the order. I was nominated for top rated seller but they didn’t promote me to be TRS because of the cancellation rate i guess.

I have always done this, but this time i’m so frustrated with this attitude. I have worked so hard over this project and have literally offered unlimited revisions but at the end got the same “cancel the order please”. I’m not concerned about money. its about my time.

i agree… :((((((((((

no, he ordered the package with 2 revisions. i usually don’t ask buyers to pay extra for revisions and i’m ‘learning a lesson’ because of that.

how the buyer refusing you politely. even in the end he/she were giving you thanks for your time. one month is a very long time. exchanging your time with his/her thanks will be wrong decision i think.