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Buyer asking cancel the order without giving me work access

I am happily working in Fiverr last one year. But recently I am facing some difficulties with few buyers who place the order and then don’t communicate/respond to do and complete the work.

A buyer placed an order on 01 September 2020 with fill up uncleared data in order requirement field and then he didn’t respond 2 days. As I do accounting and bookkeeping in QuickBooks online, so there must need to provide access to work. After 2 days he came and told me that he will give me access. After 3 days we agreed the time extension with 15 more days. And just some hours later, he told me that he can’t and asked for a refund. I was wonder however quickly I showed him possible ways with a screenshot that how he can give me access there but he just ignored me and go away. I was trying to connect and make him understand but he didn’t respond. I said if I cancel the order this will affect my order completion rate without any of my faults. Lastly today he made the order cancellations dispute stated: “The seller can’t do this job”. I really can’t understand his intension about this order.

I am very disappointed in this situation if I agree to cancel then it will affect and decrease my order cancellation rate.

I tried to contact Fiverr Support but they are saying due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days!!! But the order timeline also going to finish within 17 hours.

What should I do now? :slightly_frowning_face: