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Buyer asking email

My buyer is asking for my email. I know its against the tos. But this order cannot move forward without this. Should I contact the customer care regarding this? Will they help me?

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You cannot exchange emails, period.


Every order can move forward without email. When this happens, buyers are 99% of the time scammers. Contact CS and ask them to cancel your order and investigate your buyers behavior.


Why? Do you need access to something which needs your email address as part of the order?


Actually this person has given me Hugh orders. He really liked my work and wants to know me more. That’s why he’s asking my email.

That’s not reason enough to break the ToS. :wink:

Fiverr is not a dating or penpal site.


You are right actually. So what should I do. Should I contact Cs? Have they in history ever allowed sellers to share their email with buyers?

They have, if it’s necessary for the work to be done. In your case, it’s not necessary; buyer thinking about “getting to know you better” or wishing to marry you or whatever doesn’t make it necessary to exchange email addresses in order to proceed with the work.


Actually he wants to create a career for me. That’s what he is saying.

It sounds like he wants to work with you outside of Fiverr. If you accept to do it, you’ll get your account banned.


Okay one final. If you were in my place what would you have done?

Politely say to your buyer that giving your email violates Fiverr’s TOS.


Well thanks for the advice. I have worked hard on fiverr and I don’t want to ruin in just for one order. Let’s see. I’ll try to convince him. Thank you!

This is not about convincing no one, its your account that can get banned!.

You tell your buyer you won’t be giving your email. End of story!

PS: If your buyer starts to get fussy, report him! :wink:


Tell him that you want to create your career on Fiverr and that you don’t want to be banned from this website.

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I’d tell the buyer something like: “I’m sorry, but that would be breaking the rules. I can’t do it.” Either that, or: “Please never ask me to break the rules again.”

There were buyers who wanted my email address and Skype ID and what not, for faster communication or whatever, and I’ve always refused.


You should contact with help center I think they will give you the best solution ever @ cyril12

I need buyer email, phone number and business address with every order. Otherwise i can not complete the order.
Never had any problem and the reason. fiverrr know in my niche not me every one need it.

But for you it going to be different story.

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