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Buyer asking for a lot of revisions

Hi everyone ! I got an order about 15 days back. I did everything included in the services , I’ve delivered the files too. Now he asked me for the revisions. I didn’t get bother for it however I I revised the work and delivered it to him once again. Now it’s like going in recursive loop. Everytime i deliver him and in next second he sends revision. He has all the files now. In same very revision I totally changed the UI of the software twice. He is always up to send the revision. What should I do ? Should i contact CS ? Will the cancel this order and send the money back to the buyer ? Will my nights spent be going in garbage ? What should I do now ?

I need assistance.


You need to keep providing him his revisions, for as long as it takes (I assume it’s this gig - most of your gigs have unlimited revisions included)

YOU offer unlimited revisions, which is crazy, and discussed at great length on the forums.

You’ve promised something, now you’re going to have to deliver. The buyer is well within his right to keep asking you for revisions for as long as he likes.


For 150$ , he’s going to take work of 400$ :sob::sob:

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Does the order with him offer Unlimited Revisions?

Look, I get it. It’s a painful lesson to learn. Your buyer very clearly knows he can now milk this order for all it’s worth. But contractually, you’re committed. You either keep going, and hope that soon enough he accepts the work, or you cancel, learn from your experience, and put more strict terms in place next time to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Very nice answer and go satisfied with this answer. Although I didn’t include unlimited revisions. I’m going in loss :sweat_smile: but a lesson for me too. Thank you so much for this. I’m going to focus on other orders and keep giving it a kick to keep going.

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If you didn’t include unlimited revisions and the buyer has gone over the amount of free revisions you could offer a chargeable extra for another revision.


You do include Unlimited Revisions on most of your other gigs though - so this could very easily happen on any one of those. Perhaps something to consider changing?

I mean I didn’t include unlimited revisions while sending him custom offer.