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Buyer asking for a rewrite after the order is completed

I had a buyer here who ordered a few of the packages from me. The first one was short children story which I completed and delivered, she requested for an entire rewrite while keeping the idea same and everything else same. She marked the order complete and rated 5*. She contacted me again sending different unedited drafts of the story (it seemed like she couldn’t end up to one story, she wanted something changed here and there). I did some editing on the drafts and returned them back because it was easy and not a lot of work.

She came back again and requested me to have a look at the drafts again (new ones) this was weeks later when the job was completed and I was sippin my frappe with the balance. Then she order an illustration, I did that, delivered it and she didn’t like it. Did the job again and delivered it again but the madam didn’t like it again. I canceled the order because she wasn’t agreeing to anything.

Fast forward to now, she ordered another writing gig. I completed the work, delivered it and she marked it complete without any modifications. But then she comes back with a small story (taken from the story I have written) and she wants me to add a moral and an ending to it.

Someone please tell me what should I do? I do not offer rewrites, I have clearly stated that in my gig! I am in no mood to write 700 words for free (that too the same damn story I had written earlier for her). However, I do offer revisions (2) but she didn’t use the modification button.

What do you think I should do? She just asked me right now to rewrite it for her (which she won’t like again and which she will ask for me to edit again) this person has wasted way too much of my time and I don’t want to commit the same mistake again.

Please let me know your view. And should I contact cs Incase she cancels the order through cs? (It’s completed) Thanks for reading.

(Sorry for the mistakes, I wrote it on my phone.)


Refuse to do extra work for free and block this person from contacting you and ordering from you again. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no point in wasting your time like that. Next time do these steps as you first start to see a behavior like this. People that want to take advantage of other people are to avoid.

You were beyond the levels of patience I would had in this case. No need to make grey hair with this buyer.

A full rewrite is not a revision. A rewrite is an entire work. This person just wanted different versions of the same thing for free, for SEO purposes.


Yes, I just did that! Thank you :blush:

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My pleasure. I am glad you did it. :slight_smile:

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i have faced that same issues today. I have completed order with 5 start rating for store setup work. Now after completing this task 2 week later, he came back and ask revision work. What should i do?

I will suggest you ignore the client and don’t send any offer. even if you want to help it should be at you own leisure time when you are very less busy. just try and be in good terms with your clients. Remember don’t commit yourself by creating another offer with the client, if possible raise your price up for sometime so the client wont place an order that wont be favorable…

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if its not much you can assist the buyer but that should not be your priority.

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My client asked revision work with that same order which was marked as completed and got 5 star rating. So i’m new here and i’m not sure should i do any revision work with that website store setup work which i have already finished 2 weeks ago ?

Bad suggestion. If her client will go to CS they can cancel her order.

Did you have revisions included in that order?


If you offer revisions, it’s probably best to do them. Customer Support is known to side with buyers if they complain that they aren’t satisfied and they haven’t used up all of their revisions.

EDIT: I’ve looked at your gig and you offer unlimited revisions. Since that’s the case, if the buyer complains to Customer Support, they’ll tell you that you’ll have to keep revising until your buyer is fully satisfied.

In the future, stop offering unlimited revisions, that’s an invitation for abuse.


Yes and I have provided two revisions during the work period and then after that he marked that order as completed.

If as a @catwriter noticed you have unlimited revisions on your gig then you can not refuse to revise your delivery.


Thank you for the suggestions.

At the beginning, i thought i can provide a lot revision until client get satisfied during work period like if it takes 3 days to complete order with client agreement so i’ll provide a lot revisions until this gig is not marked as completed but it’s really wired that, after completing order and marked as completed and how this gig work can be a ongoing lifetime work…

That’s literally the definition of word “unlimited”

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Not sure I agree. If someone comes after the order is delivered, I don’t think I’m obligated to include revisions they chose not to use. If it’s easy or shortly after completion (up to 1 week), I’ll do it, but I’m definitely not revising work outside of the 10-day review period.

TOS says

Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.


Requests for revisions can be performed through the Order page while the order is marked as Delivered.

So one doesn’t have to provide revisions once an order is marked complete.

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Send her a custom offer with a discounted price, since you’re already familiar with the material.

Keep her happy and you’ll keep her coming back.

Or just reject her request politely.


I would’ve actually say that you are right. Everywhere else.

But we saw it many times: if her client will contact customer support they might cancel her order because she didn’t deliver everything as promised.
So in this case on fiverr unlimited revisions are unlimited indeed

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As @mariashtelle1 said, we’ve seen CS cancel the order if the buyer complains to them and the seller offers unlimited revisions but doesn’t want to keep modifying the work after the order was marked as complete.

We’ve also seen CS tell sellers that they have to provide the revisions that they offer (whether it’s one revision or twenty) even after the order was marked as complete, if the buyer still has issues with the delivered work. And for those who offer unlimited revisions, CS says that they have to keep revising until the buyer is fully satisfied, even after the order was marked as complete.


Now so it sound like any order goes to buyer mindset…like first buyer satisfied with work and marked this order as completed and left five star review even without asking them to do so. After few days he changed his mind and thought he can get a new look through revisions and came back. As i’m new here and it sounds wired to me. So it decrease my confidence level how things happens with just mindset.

This is REALLY after the fact, but if it helps someone else here, I had a customer that wanted a rework of some voice over. Claimed that it sounded choppy and pieced together. The customer ordered through my gig. There was nothing wrong with the first take (in fact, I gave them three takes the first time). After much debate, I went to the resolution center. They advised me to continue to work a resolution, but the customer refused. Long story short. The job was cancelled but no repercussions other than lowering my completion rate a bit.

One of my gig FAQs and requirements clearly states that if I drop/add a word or sentence, mispronounce, or otherwise make a mistake on the work, I will do a spot revision (I offer one revision). Any work that is requested to be completely recorded over will be considered as if is a new order. I also state that there is a $25 charge for completely re-recording (I use this as a deterrent more than anything). The customer has to sign off on this condition in the gig requirements.

Second time this happened, I kindly reminded the customer of this requirement that they signed off on and offered to 1) complete the current order 2) re-order the job again with a new recording. Customer didn’t completely like that but agreed and we closed both jobs out successfully. The second order was an attempt to waive the $25 fee for re-recording the job. So all in all, the customer paid $10 ($5x2) instead of $30.

Food for thought.