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Buyer asking for discount

Hello! I’m a new seller and have had my first few orders, two of which are from the same customer. They have contacted me again with a potential third order but requested a discount as they have already used my services twice.

Is this a done thing or is she trying it on with me? This client has not been the easiest to deal with either.

Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you


I don’t recommend giving them a discount. It’s not to your advantage. You can tell them that there are other sellers who may be within their budget.

These people who ask for a discount in general are not easy to deal with. It’s a way to tear down your self esteem, totally unhealthy for you, and a sick pleasure for them.


Thank you, that’s what I was thinking. Neither of the previous projects have been straightforward and have taken longer than expected. The only thing I’m concerned about as a new seller is that the customer has yet to leave me a review for either of the completed gigs and I don’t want to risk her leaving me a terrible review.


She knows that. She will probably withhold any review as that would be too much like giving you a compliment. And she knows you fear a bad review and is enjoying that little power trip.

So it’s a difficult situation to be in, so be as pleasant and professional to her as possible.


Thank you for your help. I may tell her I’m unable to help due to being busy with other commitments (not strictly a lie), wish her the best and send her on her way.


Perfect answer. It lets her know she is not your only client and you are busy enough without giving in to her demands.


Don’t say that. Just say that on Fiverr your rates ae already discounted. Saying you are busy will only make a buyer wait until you are not busy.

Personally, I’d go so far as to end this relationship now by increasing your prices to scare this buyer away. Nothing good ever comes of working with a buyer who asks for discounts. All they do by doing this is tell you that they don’t value your work or time.

Typically, buyers who need discounts are also:

  • More likely to be selling your work on at a higher markup.
  • Revisionistas who need lots of revisions and/or try to squeeze as much work out of you as possible.
  • Generally quite narcissistic and happy to communicate passive aggressively if they think this will help get them what they want.

Not to scare you. However, sometimes it is better to just let some buyers go.


Thank you, I appreciate it.

As yet I haven’t replied to the message as I’m trying to think of the best way to word it without causing conflict. You’re both absolutely right, she is extremely demanding and expects instant replies (E.g. ‘can you tell me what time you’ll be home to look at this/do my revisions’) as well as trying to encourage me to complete work before placing an order.

I feel like my prices are already reasonable, and just want to end my relationship at this point.


Yeah, you want rid of this person ASAP.

It might be best to just tell them that you have found Fiverr a bit too exhausting and will therefore be leaving the platform for a while. Then block them. Unless they log out, they will not be able to see your gigs or message you.


The orders were marked as complete? When? Buyers have 10 days to leave a review; after that, they can no longer do it.

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The second order was marked as complete on Monday, so there is still time :grimacing:. Thank you.


Ah Cyarex, I may do just that. To be honest I’m already considering if it’s going to be worth my while if lots of customers are like this.

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No, not lots. Many are really nice to work with. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the difficult ones are targeting new sellers on purpose, because they’re more vulnerable.

As for the discount question: I tell them that it would be unfair and unprofessional to all of my repeat customers who have paid the full price every time. Some of them understand and accept, others disappear into thin air.

It might be a tricky response for you because you have no reviews yet, but then again, your buyer doesn’t know how many other buyers you have, or whether they have reasons not to leave a review.


Thank you, I think I’m just going to have to say it isn’t possible and risk a bad review. Can she see how many other buyers I’ve had or currently have? I know as a new seller it’s not great for me to turn down work, but she causes me too much stress to make it worth it for me. My time frames for orders reflect the fact I have other commitments in my life, and I don’t need constant messages asking my whereabouts and when I will be online to contact her.

Thanks so much for your help guys x


No, she can’t. She can only see the number of reviews you have.

New or old, it’s never great, but you have to think of yourself first, and whether it’s worth it for you.

Just keep in mind that you have to stay polite and professional at all times, so you don’t give her anything she could use against you.


I can’t believe how she wants to know what time you will be home to look at her revisions.
Fortunately most aren’t like this. Most buyers are very nice.


misscrystal, 100% right.


Thank you for your help everyone, I really do appreciate it. I just hope I can get some good reviews soon!

I am always polite and professional, but would you say blocking her would leave a bad impression (if she were to log out and find me still using the platform)? I really hate conflict.

That’s not a problem. If you don’t want to work with him just block him and he/she cannot force you to work.

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