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Buyer asking for discount

Don’t allow your fears to stand in your way. Be straight forward.
Happy freelancing

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If I message then block will she still be able to see my message? I’m a wimp, don’t really want to engage any further than thank you but a polite no.

I’ve heard of buyers becoming furious after a seller blocked them. She’s certainly not going to be happy if she realizes you’ve blocked her.

I’m not sure about this, but I remember that some people mentioned that blocking works for messages only, and that the buyers they’ve blocked were still able to place orders.

So do I, but with some people, it’s either conflict, or you let them walk all over you.


I think your idea to mention you are very busy with prior commitments will give a proper excuse to not work with her. You can be apologetic as well.

And she probably will get mad if you block her. I feel that last bad review of mine was a fake order meant to punish me for blocking a self important narcissist so there is always that possibility.

I did have a block not work one time for both messages and an order, but usually it has worked.

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I had a similar experience, the buyer completed the order but asked for revisions, again and again, I just told him that I would not be available here for some personal issues. he was agreed. And I just blocked him, After some days he just contacted the support and I received an email from the support that contact this buyer ASAP, he wants revisions.

And I again unblocked him and did his revisions but after that, he was my permanent customer for the long term we enjoyed to work together :slight_smile:

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You could always tell your buyer that you are talking a break because you are too busy, then activate vacation mode fir a few days. During that time, you could block them and they might just assume you have closed your account.

Another option is just to be honest and say no to discounts completely. Then point out that you may not be the best writer fir them, as you cannot commit to updating them in real-time about your progress and workflow. Then suggest they take another writer for a spin who can work to their budget, etc. - You’re afraid you can’t because you have full-time work commitments.


I have blocked so many buyer, it didn’t create any bad impression; I think as a new seller at the beginning stages it’s hard to get good buyer, because good buyer usually hire top rated seller, that’s why may be we’re experiencing this kind of buyer.

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Unless I have a good “gut feeling” about the client, I never give discounts. Potential buyers will either try to weasel a discount based on the business they’ve ALREADY done with you or the business they PLAN to do with you.

When this is tried with me, I tell them: “Sure. No problem. As soon as the electric company gives me a discount because of all the business I’ve done with them over the years, I will be glad to pass the savings on to you.”


I feel this is the best option. That’s what I would’ve done but also adding the same thing as @catwriter at the beginning that my prices on fiverr are already with a 50% discount exclusively for fiverr clients.

I am giving discounts to reappear customers but only the ones that are wonder to work with. And they usually never ask for discount themselves :wink:

The ones who are behaving like your client and asking exact times when you’ll be home are a nightmare for me. My personal space is everything for me, that’s one of the reasons I became a freelancer. And I don’t want anyone sticking their nose into my life like that.


It sounds odd but some buyers want to pay full price and would feel a let down if offered a discount.

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In the past, I have offered a slight discount to some of my repeat customers and have built some solid relationships as a result but that really comes down to a case by case basis for me. It depends on the work that is involved and the overall experience that I had with them.

At the end of the day, you still need to be paid for your time and the value that you provide! Sometimes by providing a discount you can continue to get more business from your clients and even referrals!

Best of luck!


Again, thank you so much for your help everyone. I think I’m going to just be honest with her.

My prices are low already, her orders have taken a long time because they need a lot of research and I find the messages asking when I will be home, what time I will send something across etc., increased demands, stressful.

As a single parent (obviously not something I would share with a customer) and doing this alongside work, it isn’t something that sits right with me.

Thank you so much x


For future reference, this one

is easily answered by “before the deadline”.

It wouldn’t sit right with anyone with an ounce of self-respect.

The way stuff is supposed to work here is that the buyer places the order, sends you all the necessary info, and you do the work. If they need revisions, you revise the work (you define how many times you’re going to do it for free, and when you’ll start charging for every additional revision). And that’s it. If you run into another similar buyer, you can try explaining the above to them (in a bit more professional way, of course) and tell them that that’s how you work and how Fiverr is meant to work; if that’s not suitable for their needs, you’re not a good match for them.

Something to keep in mind: while your prices are more than reasonable for your country, for some budgets and/or regions they can be seen as high, and some people ordering from you might have unreasonable expectations because of that. Just something to be aware of. :slight_smile: