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Buyer asking for email address

Hello Sellers , Hope you all are doing great.
In my case buyer is asking for email which is necessary for the project because he want to add me in his site’s member which requires email.
What should I do?


Tell your buyer, “It is against Fiverr’s TOS for you to share any contact information with buyers.”

Note: Do not say the words email or outside of Fiverr as if you do, the bot will think you are trying to give the buyer your info and you will get a message that pops up and says your message is under review by the trust and safety people.

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Don’t share email for personal contact

Does his site require YOUR email? Or can it be:

freelancer at theirbusiness dot comma

that does the job.
Maybe he can even make you an email that is really his but lets him set you up with a working email (that you never use as it is not yours to check).

There are ways to do these things with no breaches anywhere with just a bit of thought.


Most of the the time its a scam to get their work done and not to pay you

Sometimes sharing email is necessary for some gigs, such as helping to manage google ads & creating a website contact us form.

You can share email, after the order has been made.