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Buyer asking for extra work and rejecting the delivery


Can anyone help me ? I don’t know what to do.
I have completed my order as per deal but the buyer asked me to do additional work which I said ‘no’ so he is rejecting the Delivery eventhough I did complete the work. Its been 8 days since the order last deadline I submitted redelivery almost 3 times but he doesn’t mark the order as complete . And asks me to do other backend work. What should I do now? I have submitted my ticket to customer support 2 times still I didn’t get any response,it’s been 8 days.

Wha should I do? How should I deal it?


I was face same problem. My suggest is, offer extra gig to the buyer. It’s 50/50 the buyer will accept the extra gig offer.

If he/she accept extra gig, that’s good for you.

But, if he/she not accept… to be safe, just do what they ask. Yes It’s painful. In this word, customers always right and we always wrong even we was do $1000 value with $10 gig order. :frowning: