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Buyer asking for Extra work + Source file [ HELP ]

I have just completed one order as discussed! he liked work but requested revision with adding extra assets and asked me for source file which is not included in order!
I said I’ll add extra assets but source file will cost him extra ! but he became aggressive and said DO WHAT I SAID OR NOTHING, I HAVE NOT TIME FOR UNPROFESSIONAL WORK!

what should I do ? should I pass him extra work and source file for free?
I have already done some extra work for him on his order!
he may leave bad rating and feed back! whats solution.

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Unfortunately this happens more often than it should. Buyers who threaten in this way should not be allowed to review.

I would deliver the work and not offer the source file unless they pay the additional extra that it costs.

If they leave a bad review, respond with a positive review and just explain that that customer was good to work with but then demanded additional work for free which you could not offer. New potential buyers who read this will understand.

The other thing you can do is contact fiverr support and ask them to remove the bad review and they will be able to see the threat from the customer and are likely to side with you.


Thanks for advice!
I never contacted CS but I heard no good review of it from seller!

I have contacted CS many times and they have been fantastic! They are a very good bunch on people who are ready to help. This is my experience of CS. I hope you have the same.

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