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Buyer asking for money back after work delivered


So the job was to write a business proposal. I requested they provide all the information they had about their business and service and did the work. The buyer refused the work after delivery and asked for a full refund on the grounds that the business proposal did not have certain elements like pricing, management team, etc. Thing is they never provided me that info and I had no way to get it. What I provided still fully qualifies as a business proposal though.

The buyer said they didn’t want to bother with revisions and want the money back. Out of principle I don’t want to refund that. We are now in dispute resolution, which I am fine with since my job was done appropriately. I am more concerned with the feedback situation post dispute. Because I am sure they’ll go out of their way to screw with my profile if they lose.

So can the buyer still leave a negative after the order goes through dispute resolution?


Reply to @philos: It’s $55 in this case and it’s more about the principle.


They may leave you negative feedback, but if you contact the support team, I think they have to delete it. I have same problem similar to your a few months ago. Continue to do quality work :slight_smile:




Is this a common occurrence for you guys? First time I had a customer quite like this so just wondering.


I have also same problem And I refunded that clients money and also remove all the backlinks that i created for his website.



That’s the thing, I can’t take back what I gave them. I might consider refunding if it was like a few gigs, but this was a rather large job…


finalstep, you’ll have to refund their money, otherwise they will leave neg. feedback. its just 4 bucks. I’ve had to this twice or three times in the past myself.


If the buyer leaves a negative feedback, you’ll still need their permission to have it removed. I would just refund their money and move on. Then take a look at your gig description to see where the buyer may have gotten confused so that it doesn’t happen with other buyers in the future.


Well to update, I won the dispute with fiverr and the buyer left some completely bs feedback. Hopefully fiverr fixes this.