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Buyer asking for more after delivery

I’m kind of in a pickle. A buyer contacted me for some voice work and I quoted them a price which he balked at before he negotiated it down $10. I did the work and sent it last night. This morning, he gave me a second smaller script and said that if I did this too, he’d give me a good rating. Now I feel threatened and kind of blackmailed into doing this extra work for free. but if I don’t complete it, I’ll get a bad rating or lose the money and work I’ve already completed. Any advice on how to proceed?


There’s actually a selection in the resolution center of the Order Page that’s made for situations like these. I would strongly suggest using it. The Resolution Center should be able to fix it or contact Customer Support for help. The buyer can also get in trouble for this since it’s against Terms of Service.

Even if it doesn’t work out that way, I’d take the rating hit and explain that the buyer was trying to steal work from you. People actually read the reviews. I think that others will be less likely to try it if they see you don’t respond positively to that kind of theft.

You’ll regret letting yourself get taken advantage of. Don’t do it!


Revision” doesn’t mean “additional work”.

You should explain to the buyer that any additional work costs an additional price, defined by you.
You can clarify this fact with professional detachment.

If the first delivery was within specifications, you’re in the clear.


Whatever you do, don’t give in. That’s a scam. Go to the resolution center as someone else suggested, or contact CS.


This is quite common, especially with some new buyers. But, you will not always get a bad writing for refusing to work for free. Recently, I received a revision request from one of my buyers. They thanked me for the “amazing work” and told me that I have “an exceptional writing style”. With such praises, I was asked to write additional 600 words and complete the article, so that they can “reward me with a five-star review”.
I thanked them for their kind words and pointed towards the word-count stated on my gig. This was followed by a suggestion to order an extra if they wanted me to complete the article. Roughly 3 minutes later, I received a notification that they had ordered additional words.
The buyer may be culturally accustomed to such techniques and proceedings. So, I would advise you to expect the best from people and always remember that CS is there to help if things ever go south.


Please contact with the Support team .

Sometime bad client just willing to harm seller gig and will to get more job done with a small cost or freely .

Contact Support will help you , i think that will be better

Great thanks

You should report him to CS, send screenshots. This is not allowed.


In addition to what newsmike and the others said, this was a red flag. When you negotiate your price down to only $10, or negotiate your price at all, you show you are a not going to say no— to anything. So in this case you showed that you would be easily taken advantage of by a cheapskate.

Never negotiate your prices. I’m sorry this is happening to you and agree that you need to report this buyer to customer support for trying to blackmail you.

And say no to him of course. You did the work and delivered it so the order is finished.

Learn to say no!


That’s interesting… And a beautiful outlook! It’s all very easy to assume the worst.

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I would talk to the buyer first and see if they actually send a threat before contacting CS.

Thank You! :heart_eyes:

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I agree with this. The buyer might not necessarily be malicious. They could just be poking around to see how far they can get since they got her in a negotiation. From their perspective (if this is indeed what they’re doing) I can see the desire to want to get as much as you can for your money. It may not be tasteful, but it’s not a direct threat. Whatever their intentions, the takeaway is that I don’t recommend doing the extra work for free. CS should be a last resort if it gets ugly.

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This part is pure blackmail since it’s implying that if she does not do it, she won’t get a good review.

it’s happened to me all times. Every Time Buyer Ask Me after delivery

On fiverr work such rules that the client is almost always right. We have redid the work many times for clients, only because the client initially provided the wrong information))

I’m sorry to hear that. What do you do about it?