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Buyer asking for more after ordering gig

Please help me.My buyer is asking for the work which I told him that I will not do and he was ok with that before ordering the gig.Now he is asking me to do it, I cannot cancel this order because this is the first big project I have and if I go ahead and deliver it without doing that work, he is asking.HE WILL GIVE ME A BAD REVIEW.Which will destroy the profile since I am
a new seller and don’t have many reviews.I would have done this if I would know how to do it.PLEASE HELP ME, TELL ME WHAT TO DO.THE DELIVERY IS DUE IN NEXT 7 HOURS.

Tell him that you will do the work that you agreed to do. Tell him that you told him that you will not do the additional work.

Tell him that he has the choice of going ahead with what you agreed to do for this order or cancelling it.

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Thank you for the suggestion.Yes I have told him that I will not do this 10-15 times atleast during the order.


CANCELLING WON;T HELP.I just don’t know what to do.

Getting nothing after working for 50-60 hours.I think that’s not fair.

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If you told him that many times then he knows you won’t do it.

Ok then just deliver what you did and agreed to do.

Yeah I guess now I have to make a choice that either I don’t get the payment or get a bad review. :frowning:

Did he say he would leave a bad review?

No, not literally.But the way he is talking, quoting one of his sentence, “I FEEL RIPPED OFF”.I surely think he will give a bad review.

And I don;t know why he feels that when I told him 10-15 times before and during the order that I will not do it.

Well I would not have gone ahead and done any work for this guy the first time he started to be this difficult. I would have cancelled. In fact I would cancel it now if I were you. That is just my own opinion and you don’t have to agree to it.

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Yeah that’s my biggest fault that I started to work with him.I respect your opinion.But the thing is I once cancelled the order mutually, after that fiverr stopped sending the traffic to my gig.Somehow orders are now coming and I am not sure that if I cancel it I will get the orders anymore.

I have not experienced any decrease in orders after a cancellation. I think you should.

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dont get bullied by such buyers some will not leave a review if you think you’ve done the work deliver order and dont accept cancellation
and dont be afraid of negative reviews you have option to give him review too.

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just tell him you’ll do the extra jobs after he give you a good review… after your delivered.

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UPDATE: I delivered the order probably 36 hours ago.And he hasn’t responded until now.I think I will probably get the money after two days.But I will lose a well-deserved review.

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Well, no, actually, you’ll “get the money” 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Sellers do not get paid instantly. Funds need to clear with Fiverr first.

If all goes as it should, you’ll “get the money” in 14-16 days. :slight_smile:

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I think in future, you should split jobs that size into smaller pieces. Having a 60 hour job in one go is way too much for a new seller. If you split it into 3 pieces, at least then they have to accept or reject each piece.

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Yeah I will keep that in mind when finalizing orders!

Hahaha I meant payment will be in processing phase after two days :wink:

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