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Buyer asking for more work after 3 months

Hi everyone!
I worked with a buyer 3 months ago and it was a bit long project that I worked on for almost 1 complete month. At the start, the buyer sent me a very simple requirement for his web development project. Gradually he started sending me new work that was not included in the original scope of the project. I did some of the additional work but when I refuse to work on any other extra feature then he threatened me to report to Fiverr and he did that. So Fiverr CS quickly took the action and canceled the 3rd order that was not delivered to the buyer yet. Before that, we had two orders completed.

After cancellation, I got a decrease in completion rate and a decrease in ranking and a warning. After that, I start focusing on my other clients and did hard work and within 2 months my gigs are also started appearing on top positions. So far so good.

Today the same client again approached me and ask me to work on his same project. Obviously, I refused him. But again he said if I won’t help him maintain the project then he will again report to Fiverr and ask refund for all of the orders that he had with me. I need suggestions from you what I should do now? Because Fiverr sometimes took action without even asking from the seller.


That’s really rough, I’m sorry. Definitely first contact Fiverr customer service. Contact them and show them conversation screenshots before even responding to him. I would tell them everything you’ve told us and then after advice from them respond appropriately. It kind of sucks that a single bad experience can tank a seller but not a buyer. Treat with caution around this client. Keep it brief and professional without going into too much detail.

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