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Buyer asking for multiple takes (voice over)

Hi Guys,

I provide a voice over service and generally when I have a small order I will automatically send them 2 takes just to likely avoid having a revision. Today a customer has placed an order and asked for 3 takes which technically triples the word count. Have you guys ever had this and do you think it warrants asking for more or am I just being a bit tight?

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I’m not in the VO scene so perhaps take what I say with a pinch of salt – however maybe you could include a set number of takes with the gig and then offer extra takes a la carte as a gig extra? Seems like it could be a great way to avoid this issue in the future!

We offer VOs, and you’re not being tight at all.

Think of it this way; if I walked into McDonalds and said that I only wanted one Cheeseburger, but I wanted them to do one without ketchup, then another with no pickles, and a third with no cheese, so I could choose the one I liked the best, and I ultimately wanted to keep all 3 no matter what, would the guy behind the counter agree or tell me to pay up?

3 x reads equals 3 x the word count, unless you’re offering revisions.


Do you say that you offer a set number of takes in your gig? If not, I’d simply let the buyer know that typically you only include one take per order, but this time included a second one as a courtesy/free extra. Then let them know that you will have to charge for more.

If you do offer a set number of takes, say something similar but also refer back to your gig description.

Also, if you do only offer one take but usually send more, you may want to reconsider this. I sometimes include freebies with orders. These can include everything from extra word counts to fee images and video shorts.

Sadly, this often results in buyers asking for more free stuff. i.e. I include a free animated gif for use as an ad on Facebook, and a buyer asks me to turn this into a 30-second explainer video. These situations are also very difficult to navigate, as most buyers don’t really understand (or want to understand) why they should pay more.

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Unless you are offering two takes in the gig description just send one. As Cyaxrex said, they see getting twice what they paid for automatically as a signal of your insecurity and a sign it’s ok to go ahead and ask for even more.

I’m not in voiceovers, but I’m saying this as a business person. You can send an offer for an extra take in this case.

Thanks a lot guys.

I don’t offer takes in my gig so know you are all right in what you’re saying.