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Buyer asking for my email address


Buyer placed order without contacting me 1st and now asking me to provide my email address so that he can send me an invitation to a blog related to order. So should i provide him my email but its against fiverr rules isn’t it ??
Help please i can’t cancel order already facing level demotion fears…


@anee2girl it’s against the rules, and you could get banned if you do it.

Perhaps you can ask him to send you login credentials instead?


yeah i told him and asked to send me login details but he is not replying me and order clock is ticking :frowning:


You can contact Customer Support, tell them of his request, and that he’s being unresponsive. Perhaps they’ll be able to advise you.


Never provide email. Many buyers contact me and ask for my email. I have a QR saved for such messages, I simply send “Sorry, it is against fiverr’s Terms of Service to contact using any other way. We must do all the communications and deals on fiverr only.”