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Buyer Asking For Partial Refund HELP!

I’m dealing with an unhappy customer who wants half of his money back because he won’t accept a modification on the order.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance.



It’s best to refund, if you do not then client can go to CS and ask them to cancel which I am sure will happen and you might lose full amount,

If in case they don’t support the client then client can chargeback through Paypal and you will lose all amount.

In any case if any order cancel then your rating will decrease.


But how can I do the refund?

First inspire him/her that I would do it more better like that… If don’t he accept and you have build him/her job perfect I hope you will be got success there against client by using Contact Support!

How can I do the refund?

Ask them to place an order for amount he/she wants to pay and then cancel the first order. This is the only allowed method which can ensure that you will get paid.

Never ever cancel the order before getting the new order otherwise buyer might never ever return.

I want to avoid cancellation :frowning:

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Refund = Cancel order, There’s no refund without order cancellation! :woozy_face:


If you know that you completed the job that the client requested do not cancel and do not try to give the client a partial refund.


Keep avoid to cancel the order It will make you too Down here on fiverr for couple month after that you will starting as newbie.