Buyer asking for Paypal Transaction on Random website as a GIG



Fellow Sellers,

Have any of you’ll noticed a case where Buyer comes as a $5 gig & asks for Paypal Transaction on Random website.

Today - i have a gig pending where in the Buyer has asked me to send funds over to some random website via Paypal.

Below is their conversation:


" Hi, I have 1 very simple task(you need 1 minute max) that need help with so hope you can help me out!

You just need to go to: Fragglesrock , and add 2$ via PP. If you can complete it, you will get awesome 5stars review from me + 2$ profit from gig for less than minute. "


I do not have a lot of time to think as i am on express delivery for this gig.

I have already written to Fiverr Support hopefully they would respond soon.

I understand raising cancellation would be best option although - the Buyer might just Deny the request & i would fall trap once again to same order…

I Surely feel this is some kind of Scam.

Sellers just Beware & report such Buyers to Fiverr Team Immediately.


I must admit

I had an Amazingly fast response from Fiverr Team on this one! :slight_smile:

Solved within 30 - 40 minutes.

Guys & Gals if you’ll notice anything similar - please do report first instead of negotiation with Buyer for cancellation .

As this could be a serious problem.


So glad you caught this scam, thanks for warning others!


I actually had the same issue this morning! The order was cancelled in 20-30 minutes after I notified support and about an hour later when I clicked on the buyer’s name it took me to the homepage. I would venture to say their account was cancelled.

Probably a new scam trying to see if it would work here on Fiverr. Really impressed with how fast Fiverr handled it.


Superb, Good to know the post is helping fellow Fiverrs.

Once again Thanks to Fiverr Support Team for their Quick response times on Urgent cases.

We have seen such automated type scam buyer gigs in past as well.

Need to Take Care always on how you respond to them.

Sometimes clicking on Link itself could be potentially dangerous.


Good Job @relester


Great! Good job by fiverr team.