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Buyer asking for personal information in NDA

Hi there, I’m a VO seller, fairly new, but have done several gigs on here. I have a buyer who has asked me for a lot (include samples) and we negotiated a price for their work. Now they’re asking me to sign an NDA, and it’s possible that it’s different because they’re not American, but they’re asking for my SSN and place of birth on the NDA. Red flag?

We’ve signed a few NDAs for VO work, and they’ve never asked for anything this personal. Usually a name, address, contact number etc is more than sufficient. I can’t think why they would want or need anything more than that.

Have you looked the business/agency up online?


No one should be asking you for your SSN. THAT SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST RED FLAG. ABORT MISSION


Yeah, I’ve signed NDAs before and never had to provide SSN or “place of birth” (that’s the real red flag to me). I’m having trouble finding the production company, though it is for a dub for a film that does seem to exist. I’m afraid that they may be pretending to be the director, however. They also were talking to me on one account, but then switched accounts and asked me to create the order and sign this NDA. I sent them a message asking why they needed all this information, and I haven’t heard back, so I think it’s a scam.

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Agreed! And the asking for place of birth seems particularly suspicious… They haven’t responded since I asked them about it, so I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Thanks!


There are definitely some red flags there.

I guess if you think there’s a chance that there could be some work there, you could send back the NDA with only the info you’re happy giving over. If they kick up a stink about the missing info, you probably know you’re dealing with a scam.

Good luck whatever you decide to do :slightly_smiling_face:

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Honestly, asking for your SSN seems more suspicious. SSNs are used for identity theft.


All good ideas! Thanks so much!

I have a buyer asking for NDA information. Are we allowed to give that out? Will it violate the Terms of Service if we do? Asking so I don’t do it if it’s not allowed. Thanks

Only if you have the permission from Customer Support.


I wouldn’t provide my social security number. No way! I don’t even give them my real name or address. In the name field, I give my Fiverr handle, and in the address field, I put my attorneys office. Nice and safe and secure. That’s the way I like it. A-ha a-ha.


Ok I will message them then first. Thank you catwriter.

Yes, definitely. I would just say we don’t have SSNs in my country, and I have a fake birthdate I use on all my internet stuff, so I’d just use that. Oops, I missed the part about birthplace! Yes, abort abort abort! LOL