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Buyer asking for phone number

Buyer asking me for my phone number so , we have better communication about the order ,
so, is it OK to give my number to buyer , is it legal on

Kindly tell .


I am not sure but I believe that Fiverr does not allow customer contact outside of the Fiverr website. But even if Fiverr would allow it then I would not hand over my number as you never know when the customer will call. Most of my customers are from a completely different timezone then myself.



Sharing personal contact information like phone numbers is strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Users who break that rule can get banned from Fiverr.

I suggest reading the Terms of Service, so that you don’t get in trouble:

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thanks for information,

I just went through the Terms of Service. It does mention in the following bullet that:

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

It seems that phone numbers would be included.

Don’t mean to be rude but you replied to the wrong thread, this is a 5 year old topic, please don’t necropost.

This doesn’t mean what you think it means - if I’m doing something such as a business card or a website, the client is allowed to give me their contact info because I need them for the job (“service”) as they have to be put on the card or in a page. Leaving Fiverr for contact, payment or exchange of files* is not allowed.

*Certain links and services like Dropbox are allowed, but nothing else.

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I exchange phone number with a cliente she made 3 orders with me and it was easier this way, maybe fiverr dont want to loose clients, because its easier to negociate outside the website. Fair enough.

It would have to be necessary to complete the job. @mattboa gave you one example; another one would be giving lessons via S.kype. It literally can’t be done without contact outside of Fiverr.

However, that doesn’t cover information exchange; that has to go through Fiverr.

Then you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service and risk getting permanently banned from Fiverr.

I guess you’d still be able to talk to that one client via the phone after losing your Fiverr account.

Another necro-poster…

That particular stipulation is in regards to services that cannot be completed without additional information being exchanged, such as product demos, unboxing videos, website development, shipping physical items to be crafted/painted, and a multitude of other miscellaneous services.

This stipulation is not in regards to just general order communication. That still has to be conducted on the Fiverr platform unless given express permission by Fiverr staff.

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Oh wow, calm down. I just shared my experience I didnt know at the time that it was wrong she gave me her phone number because I made a favour for her. But yes, I’m at risk.

It’s better
Not to share any personal info over message box.

No i believe… Ask in support.

And that is fine, but the way you worded it might lead inexperienced users to believe that it’s allowed to exchange phone numbers with a repeat client.

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It wasn’t my intention. If ts forbidden so DON’T do it. I just really didnt know.


Fiverr is watching your comment here… Stay safe… :smiley:

never gives your phone number and other details because that against fiverr