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Buyer asking for refund after receiving complete work

I have submitted the complete work and now the buyer is asking for refund what should i do i do not want to cancel the order


I had a similar situation a few weeks ago. I delivered the work and the buyer said if I won’t cancel the order he’ll leave a bad review. I reported this to support and they said they can’t help so I was forced to cancel. Buyer is always right on Fiverr, we have to deal with it.

You could ask him why he wants to cancel. You could ask if he wants the work revised in any way.

Tell him you did the job and you will not cancel since you expect to be paid. I would ignore any more messages from this buyer after this. He wants it free so don’t give it to him.

Say no once then ignore him. Refuse all cancellation requests no matter what he says.


If i will do that is there any chance of my order cancellation by fiver customer support

He is not giving any reason. At first i only sent him pdf file after receiving that file he only asked me to change few pics but when i sent him completed work along with editable ppt file. He is saying he did not like the work and want to cancel the order.

So don’t agree to cancel it! End of story.


Ask him where the problem is, in order to make modification to it. Bad review is bad for your reputation.

please ask him why he cancels your order.

I will do that. Thanks

He is not giving any reason he us just saying he did not like my work which i believe is not the case

There are many Buyers like that who is spamming the fiverr & Getting free work. Don’t Answer any more.

I suggest you contact support. This seems like the buyer does indeed like your work and would like to obtain the work for free.
Best of luck!

I have contacted customer support and waiting for their response

yes you are right but the worst thing is fiverr support them and cancel our orders

No, you can take the bad review and keep both their money and your dignity. Never work for free.


Not liking your work is not a valid reason to cancel. As long as you did what was promised in the gig, you do not have to cancel. The following is direct from the TOS, point him to it and tell him, I did what was promised, and the TOS is clear.

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


Yes, you can keep your dignity and those few dollars and lose hundreds because of that bad review. It affects your ranking in the search engine plus people will see it on your page.
It’s business and you have to have a business mindset. I’d rather give back $50-60 than argue with a fool and lose my reputation. If we’re talking about hundreds or thousands that’s a different story of course.

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There are some nice people on earth who don’t like to spend money for getting their works done. I got the chance to meet some of them.:grinning:


And if he leave bad review on your profile so then … In that case you actually loses so many offer @misscrystal