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Buyer asking for refund and threatening of a poor review

How to deal with a buyer?
For whom you have invested more then 6 hrs for “$5” custom offer, even gave a “gig extra” for free.
After “Fiverr” mark the order complete and he/she appears from nowhere and asks for a refund or threat you of a poor review, treat you like a garbage.

Even then you do revisions to keep the client happy and at the end client give you poor review.
It happened to me recently, for the first time.

You didn’t value your own time, why would the buyer?

You placed a value of around $0.65/hour on your time.
Value yourself properly and buyers will too (usually) or at least you will be paid enough to make it worthwhile.


You are right about the the time value thing.

My gigs are getting very low response (Improving the gigs are first thing on my todo list)
It happened that the requests were put by client after the order was started and after order was marked complete by Fiverr.

What was client location?

Then say no or give them a custom extra for the additional work.

Bad clients can come from anywhere and mentioning countries negatively on the forum is not allowed so please don’t request people to do so.

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Its mean you are smart, so next time use same smartness to accept order.

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Saying No will mean going to get bad review anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily, if you do it professionally it will often be ok.
A client I said no to because he only wanted to pay one third of my rate then went ahead and placed an order, then another and now another. Total value is around $4000 so far.
Besides, I would prefer to say no and get a bad review than to work 6 hours for $5 and THEN get a bad review.

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Yup that is what I first thought.

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