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Buyer asking for refund regardless of 5 star review. Your Opinion?

I did an order for around so long I delivered it the buyer give me 5 star review and now he is asking for a refund making excuses. What should I do I have delivered all my work and I am sure he will be using that. What fiverr will do in this case? It’ll be much depressing and disappointing if fiverr will refund him. It was my first big order and I’ll get demote if Fiverr do so.

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I think you can dispute that and contact cs regarding that

Hi, I face this kind of issues multiple time. And I have contacted the FIVERR support. You know! they help me a lot. I recommend you, please contact with the Fiverr support with screenshots of your work, such as ratting and feedback of your client. If he said to you, “He is happy with your work”…etc

I am sure the Fiverr support will stick with you not the buyer. Wish you all the best.

You put a great effort and delivered what he expected and 5 stars is the proof for this. He can’t ask for refund now. If he himself marked the order complete and left a review and even if he goes to CS, most probably, they are not gonna cancel it. If he tries to dispute via paypal and gets his money back, you’ll be compensated by Fiverr.

I must recommend you to contact Fiverr customer support and tell everything you know about the order before your client does, along with the screenshots as reference.

Hope this works for :slightly_smiling_face: