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Buyer asking for refund, what should I do

Hello Fiverr colleagues and friends. I am in doubt what should I do about this buyer that asked me to refund hers money. Before she ordered, she have send me a message that she would like to order a gig. I was kinda in a mess these days and told her that I would like to help her but I don’t have time to work on her order in next few days and that I can start working on it in two days from now. Usually people then let me know if it’s okay with them or not and move to another seller. She obviously ignored that saying that my style drawing is what she wants and just ordered by herself on my gig page. I must mention that she is being very polite and sweet. She ordered the gig for 15 and asked for illustration and typography design for a t shirt. In next two days I somehow manage to start working on her order in all that mess, and finally deliver it to her. She didn’t like the design and started sending me some other designs that she likes, and those designs obviously wasn’t even my style of drawing. After a few days and 5 revision she is now asking for a refund, which I don’t have a problem. I have a problem that I didn’t just lost 15, I lost a lot of time in all that mess and she was asking for something that I don’t even offer! And that is what annoys me the most! I will give her a refund, as I will not get rich from 15$ . Now the main question is how “kind” can I be in my last message to her? :laughing: I must admit, I kinda feel a little less stressed now while writing this. Thank you for reading this long message, love you all!


A buyer wanting a refund on an order for $15 after 5 revisions, and after you initially told them you couldn’t help on Christmas day is pretty much the personification of Satan.

I just advised another seller in a similar situation to say this:


I am very sorry that you are not 100% happy with your order. However, I have completed your order to the best of my ability and to your specifications. To do so, I have had to allocate time and resources to your project, and refuse other work opportunities.

Fiverr terms of service support my right to decline your request to cancel. I’m, therefore, afraid that I will not be agreeing to cancel your order.

Kind Regards,


If they keep on opening disputes, just reply with the same message.

Sorry you had to go through this. The only upside is that I’m pretty sure karma will come along and eat this buyer for breakfast at some point.


Someone that asks for 5 rounds of revisions and a refund on a $15 order? If you made up your mind about refunding her, then don’t say anything else, make sure to block her and move on.

Edit: I’ve seen your profile and even if she were to leave a negative review it wouldn’t make a dent to your profile. I’d suggest going with cyaxrex suggestion instead.


I hope you had a bad experience. By reading this I can understand it
however, if your gig did not provide that she asked thing…you can simply reject it…because you are not provide that she asked thing in your Gig…ok…just reject it…but there is a problem if she gives you negative feedback, it is not good effect to your career…so I recommend giving her refund… and remember orders completed after 3 days automatically…soo after you don’t want to give her revision or refund

please next time you must add “first contact me and after place order” Always i do it…because we need to get clear idea of our buyer…some buyers waste our time and money…

Don’t worry…move on your path…

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also, this message is helpful to me…thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your replay. Very helpful. I might try with that kind of message. But the “the personification of Satan” I couldn’t agree more! :smile:


Thank you for support. You are right, it is my oldest gig, so I somehow forgot to mention that in the description, but she did send me the message before ordering and then ignored my request to move the order delivery in few days. I am not stressed because of the money, I am stressed because I want to tell her something that I must not :smiley: and of course I am just joking, I will not be rude, as I am better then that but man it’s awful feeling :smiley:


welcome…but you must need to face like these situations…every buyer not same…but however keep your customers happy and satisfactions …move on…good luck :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Yeah, I don’t really care about the review, the problem is that I offer unlimited revision ( this is my oldest gig, I change it yesterday to 2 revision per order) and now she can request revisions in next 20 years :smile: and I don’t want to work on her design anymore. So I will have to thing about it.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: that’s great…

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If she keeps asking for revisions, even if you somehow convince her to complete the order, CS might side with her because of the unlimited revisions thingy.

Just something to keep in mind.


The way she has been kind to you, just reflect it back to her I suppose. :joy:

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Yeah, and at last we have to be polite with the buyers.

I can understand how you must have felt at that moment. But it happens to every five out of ten sellers. Be it spam or buyers like this. And I feel that such buyers are better than the spammers.

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