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Buyer asking for requests unrelated to my gigs - trying to cancel

Last night I received two orders from the same buyer on two different gigs. The buyer bought all extras for each gig. He then left information and asked for services through each gig that had nothing to do with either service I was offering and continued to ramble off topic in a very erratic way. His messages are hard to follow and a bit gibberish. Because he ordered all extras, one of the gigs is due in 24 hours. I responded to him asking for more info but never got a reply. After debating, i decided to file a cancellation on both gigs and now I’m waiting for the buyer’s approval of the cancellation. Has this happened to anyone? Is there any more I can do? What if he chooses not to cancel or doesn’t reply? I’ve only used Fiverr for a few months now but I’m a Level 2 and have never seen an issue like this.

Hi Zach!

This is an unfortunate situation, and I can only imagine how stressful it must be. I think you were correct to file a cancellation on both gigs. I believe that if the buyer takes no action, the cancellation should automatically go through. And if the buyer intentionally clicks to not approve, then I think the official Support guys would have your back. There’s really no gray area here - you’ve clearly done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be penalized for this kind of behavior. Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions / want to rant / etc.!



Thanks for the input. Buyer is still silent so hopefully it goes through without a fuss. Waiting game now I suppose.