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Buyer asking for revisions after order completion

What to do if buyer ask for revision even after completion of the order. The order was for unlimited revisions.


That’s your answer. You offer unlimited revisions so you need to keep up on your offer.
You can not change your mind that you don’t want to do revisions out of the blue.
If you are not happy to code unlimited revisions then don’t offer unlimited revisions. You client paid for that even if it means lifelong support.

Hope that will be a great lesson for many sellers not to offer unlimited revisions.


You keep revising the work until your buyer is satisfied.
I think that’s the reason why you put unlimited revisions in your gig.


unlimited revision offer has to be provided even if the buyer has come after 1 month of the completion of the order? Doesn’t the unlimited revision rule apply until the order has been marked completed?


Okay, I got it. I probably misunderstood the rule.

Look, you can tell him that you are not going to do this revision but if he will go to fiverr support they will just cancel your order.


Hello. First you don’t want to give him now revisions I think. Because order completed now. But next time mention After complete order and going 2 or 3 days and not giving any revisions.

I wonder how many times should be said that unlimited revisons is an anchor chained to your neck, for sellers to understand and never offer it…


Do the revisions.
Unlimited means just that, BUT you can change your description to read “unlimited revisions until complete” or simply don’t offer unlimited revisions.
I recommend the latter. Having unlimited revisions exposes you to the very issue you’re facing now and there are some buyers that will take advantage of it…misunderstanding or not.


“Unlimited revisions” is a dangerous piece to put in your gig description. I would suggest NOT putting that in, unless the work you do is not subjective. For example, if what you do is as simple as adding text to an image and the client tells you what font, font size and color to use (leaving no room for error), then perhaps you can use “unlimited revisions”… because the chances of them having to ask for a revision is very low.

However, if you are a designer of logos, then I definitely would not say “unlimited revisions”, since the delivery of a job like that is highly subjective… there is a good chance that their vision of what they’re looking for doesn’t match your vision. The chances of them asking for revisions in this case is quite high.

That’s my advice. Good luck :slight_smile:

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No it doesn’t.

Offering unlimited revisions attracts unethical, annoying buyers and you don’t get to decide when revisions apply and when they don’t.