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Buyer asking for sample of himself


This buyer is looking for a cartoon portrait of three person. I send him an offer not quite long he replied and sent me the picture I would draw. he never accept my offer. He then said he want a sample. Then I did. Later he said not the same, that he want a sample of himself!!!



Never give custom samples for free. If the buyer (potential buyer, they’re only buyers if they actually buy) wants a sample, send them a custom offer for $5 or $10 or whatever would be reasonable. If needed, politely inform them that Fiverr strongly advises sellers never to start working until the order is placed. If they keep insisting that you do work for free, politely inform them that you’re sorry, but you can’t help them. And if you have to, block them.


Looks like a scam to me, or, at the very least, an unscrupulous and entitled buyer with whom you would not want to do business. In my opinion, it isn’t worth working with him. I would definitely say no.


The worst thing is that I gave it a try, how? I drew one head out of the three figures and send it to him saying it’s a surprise just for him to see how the work would look like.
NOTICE WHAT HE SAID “yes”. _____meaning…

Imagine if I had drawn the whole job and sent it to him saying for sample sake. HE WOULD HAVE JUST SAY YES and never show up again. CHEATERS!!!


Such buyer’s are not trustworthy enough to work with. It’s better you tell them that you can’t do the job for free.
Also, you can draw the cartoon and put a watermark so that they can’t use the work without them ordering the original package from you.


Wow nice saying “watermark”
But its still risky such buyers can still use it with the watermark as they are not to pay.
THEY KNEW FIVERR IS FULL OF DESPERATE NEW SELLERs who are looking for a opportunity to get a work done. So they want to use their head for free. They are just bunch on fraudster


If you think so, then you can make the watermark a little bit bolder. I bet he won’t be able to use it.


Good idea, although note that if you have watermark turned on, a watermark is applied to a delivery until the buyer pays for it.

But yeah, there’s no watermark if you’re just sharing a file in a message, so you’d have to add on yourself. I wish there was! How handy would that be!


Yeah, you are right. That would be very handy. Though, It’s very easy to create a watermark.


Watermark ok good. Next time. it would only take my precious time. But it would reinforce my work. Thank you all for your precious time and thoughts


And to be honest you are one of them.

I get those requests for samples etc all the time, but I’m not even discussing any possibilities of it until they place an order. Coma. No payment no work, no samples. Easy as that.


Good for you. It’s important to be firm, otherwise people walk over you.