Buyer Asking for Samples after Samples


Fiverrs, what would be your response if a supposed buyer requested for another sample(s) of your work after showing him/her some of your recent deliveries?

I have seen a couple of buyers who want to see if truly you can do what you promised in your gig, but after showing them the screenshot of your work, they admit that your work is good, however, they still give you some tasks to do as sample. Would you agree to do such work?

What if the buyer use the same method to get what he/she wants from multiple sellers?

Share your experience and let other sellers know how to deal with such buyers.


Well at this point in my fiverr career I’d probably do one of the tasks at least. If I was more established I wouldn’t because it should be clear from my profile what I can do


It is normal for the client to ask for samples of PAST work.
It is not normal for the client to REPEATEDLY ask for samples.
Just report the client because he hopes for unpaid work. He hopes you do the task for free. :confused:


My suggestion: be nice and professional, and politely inform them that you don’t do free customized samples. Offer the buyer to do a small paid sample. Tell them to order the basic $5 gig so they can see how you work (of course, don’t do more than you’d normally do for a $5 gig). If they refuse, they’re just looking for free stuff, and have no intention to actually buy from you.


The thing about samples is that it should NEVER relate to the job in question. This is a proven way for clients to get free work, so if a client is not satisfied with samples of past work, decline his order and move on.

Also do not forget that if you use work that you had received payment for as samples, you need the permission of the person that paid for it before you can present it as a sample.


Thanks for the awesome contributions. As

reinier01 : reinier01
said, i also have the notion of providing sample that’s entirely different from the job inquestion, however, I’ve come to realize that such buyers are cheapskate who find ways to get what they want for free. If you decide to waste your precious time providing samples, they won’t come back once they get what they want.


When people ask for samples I generally recommend that they order a basic $5 gig. That seems to weed out the people who are looking for free work and the people who actually want to buy something.


It depends a lot on what they’re asking for. Can they use the sample? If so, don’t make it – they might just be trying to rip you off. I’ve had buyers ask for samples in legitimate ways, however, such as a buyer who wanted to see if I could make something look like it was written in chalk. I provided a sample image the buyer wouldn’t be able to make any use of (it literally said “this is a sample” in a chalk-like effect) and they went on to order from me.

luckygutsy said: Can they use the sample?
Definitely, they'll be able to use the sample. Trust me, such buyers who ask for free samples (maybe 80 percent of them) are not ready to buy even after providing awesome sample. I have the impression that everyone is save on fiverr, and buyers have the opportunity to ask for modification or refund if what they get is below standard. Asking me to provide sample for you after showing you my previous work is...fraud! I won't do it.


My gig states what I do and has a place where you can go listen to my demo should you choose to. It also has my past work. If they can’t listen to that then there’s no need for them to be asking for samples.

I sometimes do one occasionally but when i do the word count is very small. and then it’s only a one-time thing.



I just send them a custom order for a sample and send my demo reel at the same time, as almost every time I have given a sample for free (in the beginning) I never heard from the person again - they were just scamming for free work.

If someone really wants to work with you, they won’t begrudge paying you $5 for a tailored sample just for them. If it is for a big job, I tell them to order the sample, then if they are happy with it, I give them the cost of the sample off the big job, ie if it is a $150 job, I only charge them $145 if they have already paid $5 for a custom sample.


I agree with the above, if someone is so desperate for cash that they cannot part with $5 after looking over your PAST work, then, they most likely are looking for ways to get you to work for them for free.

I suppose if there is a way to watermark or put in light writing “sample” across the work (if it is a logo or some other type of artwork or writing) so that they cannot use it, that may work, but, I feel that most who are asking for free samples are looking to get things without putting any money towards it!



I would refuse - and I always have, even when I was brand-new here. At best, this Buyer does not respect your time, and at worst, he/she is trying to get free work from you. In either case, they’re not worth your energy. I’d politely decline any more offers from them and move on.


You’re a great service provider…Buyers can see that from all your positive feedback

You should be really careful of buyers who are hesitant…

Anyways, Its their loss if they keep asking you for samples because they are not ready to buy yet…


When I started, I did a few free samples because I really wanted to get established. No orders came from any of them. These days, I just politely decline. I’ve also had a few buyers start with a small order, and then (presumably because they were happy with the work) do a larger project. Those are the buyers I want to work with.

So I’d definitely recommend not doing free work. You might lose out on a few sales, but probably not much.


I agree with everyone here who say they will not work for free-nobody should have to. However, I do not think there is a one-size-fits-all solution to this issue. We all have different issues and specialities. In my case, I write in two very specialized niches, and it would be unreasonable for me to refuse to provide samples.

The buyer has the right to expect stellar work, and in my niches, there are as many “scammy” sellers as there are dishonest buyers. Every sample I have sent resulted in orders, and most of these buyers have become regular customers. It is different for everyone, but speaking strictly for myself, it would be difficult for me to get new work if I could not demonstrate that I know what I am talking about.


Reply to @peppermint_wish: Reporting them does nothing. It’s not against the rules to ask for small free samples.


Reply to @catwriter: the OP clearly states the client asked for MORE samples after having seen some. AND the client asks the same thing from other sellers.
“a supposed buyer requested for another sample(s) of your work after showing him/her some of your recent deliveries?” ANY freelancer should know this is a red flag.


Reply to @peppermint_wish: I know that it is a red flag, and I always refuse to work for free. What I’m saying is that there’s no rule against it. I’ve reported a buyer who asked for free sample once, and Customer Support told me that it’s not forbidden to give a free sample (or to ask for it), I should just be aware that there’s no guarantee that i would get paid for it.


Reply to @catwriter: OK. I got it, but how many free samples is a person supposed to send? 2? 5? 10? 20? I think 3 samples of past work are more than enough to showcase your skills, right?
I’m coming from big freelancing platforms and the behavior of this client is frowned upon and highly reported. :confused: