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Buyer asking for services not part of my gig


I have a buyer that wants to continue to work with me but is asking for services that are far different than what I’d like to focus on with Fiverr. I’ve continued to respond favorably but am getting to a point where I’m concerned about spending time in the direction they want to go. I’m also concerned about turning them down and receiving a poor review as I’ve heard that greatly affects your Fiverr rating. I want to build my business, not reck it in the first month! Looking for some good advice here. Thank you!


Just focus what you want to do as if you want to build your business in the long run in Fiverr and sometime buyer request you to provide a services in which you are not skilled enough and somehow if he or she isn’t satisfied then there ia a chance he or she will give negative review that will impact your business so it’s better focus on your skilled related services that you are confident enough!!


If they have made an order asking for something you don’t offer and are concerned about it you can cancel the order mutually with a nice explanation as you gave here. Best of luck with this.