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Buyer Asking for Something Entirely Different


So, I mainly do drawing gigs here on Fiverr. I’ve been doing pretty well for the past months, but then there’s this one buyer who ordered an entirely different gig from what I offer.

In one of my gigs, I offered to sketch Pokemon, but then, this buyer insists that I draw the picture he/she sent to me. Not that I can’t do it, but the thing is, I offered that gig in the first place because I knew it was something I’d enjoy drawing. That particular gig only had a few days of deliver set up, so it ended up being late and the buyer cancelled and reasoned with me that what he/she is asking is just the same as drawing Pokemon or something of the like… but it’s not like I’m a drawing machine that you can just ask anything from me just cause I can do it :frowning: Also, this may sound weird, but I suppose it’s also because it felt disturbing to do something entirely different from what I offer…

Anyway, the particular buyer also ordered three other gigs that I okayed, buy I didn’t start on them yet since I wanted to resolve the issue with that other gig first… and added to that, my laptop charger suddenly broke a few days before their deadline… and in the end, they entered a late status (though I informed him/her that about my laptop problem). So far, said buyer hasn’t cancelled them, but said he/she will cancel them as well. Is there anything I could do about this? : /


My charger is still broken, but I can try sneak into my brother’s computer… and I also have other gigs due this week >-<

Then I suppose I’ll keep trying to explain… the other trouble I’m having here is that the buyer doesn’t seem to be very fluent in English, so I’m also having trouble communicating properly : /