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Buyer asking me for my Instagram to give Credit


I hope you guys are doing well. So I’ve delivered the files to my Client & he was very professional and happy to accept the files. So after completing the order, he did ask for my Instagram so that he can give me a credit. Is it okay to give him the username as I don’t want to go against the TOS?


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no,there’s no need to exchange such info , it’s against the tos,it’s not in the scope of the order


cre8iveartwork is correct. There’s no need to give anyone personal identifiers and it sounds a bit creepy of him too! I mean, why would he need anyone’s Instagram ID in order to give credit? If he wishes to give you ‘valuable’ credit (i.e. credit that’s actually useful) then he could give you a shout-out on his social media using your Fiverr name, or he could screenshot your gig and mention how great it was.

That way, you might get some business via Fiverr.


If you read the ToS you would know this is not allowed.

And your buyer is unprofessional. You never credit someone for work you commissioned them to do.


Got this! Thank you for explaining this.

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That’s actually helpful. Thank you for your comment. I think he was asking me for my business page on Instagram to give a credit. But I don’t want to get in trouble just for a shout-out.

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Got this! Thank you for your comment.

What for does he need it? You can say for the comunication, but there is the phone call. Hmm, interesting. Be careful, he can cheat you.

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Thanks for the info. I sent him the message that we are not allowed to share our personal information ( as I do have a business page as well. ) & I got no reply from him.

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