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Buyer asking me for refund? Help!


I mutually cancelled a gig with a buyer a week ago. English was not his strong suit because he blatantly requested something from me that I didn’t advertise for and he didn’t read my instructions (or he just didn’t comprehend it).

Today he ordered my gig (again) and asked me to return his $5!? And he says I owe him $10 now because he just ordered me again to talk to me.

What should I tell him? I have no idea what happened to his money after the cancellation because I’m relatively new here. Also, I’m not sure If I can explain something to him in a way he could understand.

Is this going to negatively affect me?

Oh I found it’s offered as “fiverr credit” when you’re refunded after a cancellation…

I’ll just have to explain that to a rock u_u

Tell that guy that he should read Fiverr TOS before ordering and using the site!

If I was you, I’d write Customer Support to report this buyer, 'cause his behaviour can affect your ratings: every cancellation (even the mutual ones) goes against the seller, remember this!