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Buyer asking me to cancel the order

Hi everyone i need your help ASAP.
recently a buyer approach me on Fiverr before starting order he asks me that I have three chances only to fulfill his order I agreed because those days I am not receiving order my gigs goes deranked therefor I take the risk and agree if my design not like by you I will cancel the order but after working hard 3 days i submitted one delivery and one revision delivery.
then he asked me that he don’t like my concept he makes a cancellation request.
now i am asking you guys
can I accept the cancellation request
or decline it and get the money which i deserve it after working hard


Buyers cannot cancel based on quality of the work.
If it was me, I’d not cancel for this buyer after I worked hard for 3 days. If a buyer doesn’t like what I have, they can ask for revisions!


If you have worked for three days on this job then I would be tempted to fight the cancellation request. However, if you win, the buyer is likely to be annoyed and leave you bad feedback.

These situations are very unfair for good sellers who’ve experienced bad buyers.

We have a phrase: “you might win the battle but you’ll lose the war”. In other words, you might win the cancellation request and keep your money, but you’ll lose longterm because the buyer will likely slate you with bad public feedback - even if it is lies.

The fact that the buyer tried to dictate the terms from the very start was a red flag.


Well while it’s true that a buyer cannot request a cancellation based on personal taste, this is a matter of you as a professional going back on your word.

I don’t know why you would agree to play this game, but if you said you would refund them if they didn’t like it, then it sounds like the thing you should follow through on.

If you are worried about your gig being deranked now, getting a 1-star review -which is your alternative- won’t help you.

You should learn from this:

as pointed out by @english_voice


OP is already in a critical situation. If he doesn’t cancel; might get a 1 star rating with a bad review. He cancels, his gig rank might drop. So, my advice for him, is to try and convince the buyer, work harder to satisfy them (that’s what I’d do), but if the buyer was too stubborn, then I’d rather get my payment and a 1 star review, than cancel the order, risk my rank getting dropped and lose money after working hard.

what a great help by you peoples now i have clear answer what i have to do i am level one seller with all five star feedback and one feedback of one star wont effect me a lot my my ratings goes to 4.9.
thanks everybody specially @ammarshrif


big warning sign here… I wouldn’t work with someone who starts a conversation like this


Exactly. As I was trying to say - the op is in an impossible situation.

He either loses three days of work and allows his completion stat to take a hit, or he fights the cancellation in full knowledge that the buyer is likely to leave bad feedback.

The only way around this is to ask customer support to intervene. But there is still no guarantee that it will work in the op’s favour. @wajahataly if you du want to contact customer support, you can do so here: .

That’s exactly what I would do. 3 days of work is a lot of money. Who knows if the seller intended to get you do the work for free.

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So in the beginning the buyer gave 3 chances to fulfil the order (1 delivery and 2 revisions).

But then later by you saying “if my design not like by you I will cancel the order” you seem to have reduced the 3 chances to just 1 chance. If you hadn’t said that you might still have had the delivery+2 revisions to get it to how the buyer wanted.

You could still ask the buyer if you could show them a different design/rough draft to see if that is more how they would want it if you wanted.

There is no such thing as being “deranked” in the Fiverr search system. The search algorithm is dynamic, and constantly changing. There are no guarantees that gigs will show up where a seller might want them to, and what one person sees in the search results, looks different to everyone else.

Why would you do this? This is terrible, unprofitable business choice, that only hurts you as a seller.

You promised him that you would cancel his order if he didn’t like what you delivered. Are you going to break your promises – unwise as they were? You made a promise, now you, unfortunately, need to keep it. Realistically speaking, Fiverr will probably side with the buyer on this… because you did promise to cancel, and now you’re considering not keeping your promise.

My suggestion is that, that you have to lose your money if you want strong profile

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Yes, I was just about to comment this. “You have only 3 chances” = huge red flag.

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True. If my potential buyer speaks to me in that kind of tone, I would say no to his business. Something better will always come along after the bad one.

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