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Buyer asking me to completely change the order on the delivery date without paying extra

I have an order which I gotta deliver today (delivery time was 10 days), and buyer contacted me today saying he wanna change the design to sth else, but I already finished the conversion for the design which he provided me while placing the order. I said I can do it, but I will charge accordingly, but he said he can’t pay extra. After a long talk of “please do it” and “I am sorry, I can’t”, he seems to accept(unwillingly) the truth that I really can’t, however I know the design which he provided me before is not useful for him anymore.

I am afraid he may leave a negative review due to this… probably, not sure. What should I do in this case?

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You can leave an informative reply to the possible negative review.


That’s what I was thinking.

I think you just have to take the bad review. You can use the resolution centre to change the delivery time but that won’t get you money for that time. You can always reply to their review.

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As long as you have delivered the order according to the original scope of work, you are entitled to compensation as per original offer.

Your buyer has a right to request a review (alterations) on the delivered order unless you specifically stated that there will be no review on the project. Such alterations should not change the entire scope of work in such a way as to make the project new.

The buyer will rate you according to the service you provided and you have a right to respond to the buyers opinion.

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