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Buyer asking me to create an adult website

Dear Experienced Freelancers, I recently got an order on my gig to create a blogger website, when i ask the buyer regarding requirements he firstly said me, " cancel the order right now, don’t bother me! " and afterward he tell me a few hours later that he needs a Men Escort website, i started my work but the google blogger banned me because they think that i am spreading ■■■■■■ content. then i went to resolution center and cancel the order. what can i do now to secure my account from negative review or any other impact also does fiverr allows to spread adult content or not?
Thanks Alot!

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Actually, independent of whether it is allowed or not, I’d advise anyone to not work with someone who says something like that, unless they’d need the money very dearly and wanted to take their chances with someone who might not reply to questions at all or too late, and might want a cancellation later on even if the work would be done and delivered.

Anyway, if you’d like to take your chances with such a client, you could take a look at both Fiverr’s Terms of Service, or use the forum search box, and probably will come to the conclusion that “adult” is somewhat vague and a grey area. If you won’t find the answer you’re looking for there, it might be best to contact support and ask them about your specific case.