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Buyer asking redo of work without compensation

I was working on a gig on the buyer’s server, after spending more than 24 hours writing code the changes I was making just disappeared from the server. I asked the buyer if there is someone doing stuff on the server and the buyer confirmed that one of the developers also working on the server had overwritten my work by MISTAKE (WTF). The buyer went on to apologize and asked me to redo the work without compensating my previous efforts which is I think is unfair because I had work ready for delivery and redoing the work will be a wastage of resources on my side the costs to deliver will outweigh the money I was going to earn on the gig. I had to cancel the order and I’m really pissed,


In future if possible you could back up the work every so often so you’d lose less if something went wrong. If it was possible to do it on your own machine maybe you could have done that and then uploaded it to theirs after it was complete.


Wow, that sucks. I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t know if or how it could have been prevented or if any backup systems exist for this kind of work. Maybe you could add some kind of warning in the gig requirements, sth that says that accidental deletions resulting in a rework are not free, but chargeable. Might not work, but at least gives you some ammunition in case you decide to insist on getting paid for your time and effort, rather than agreeing to a cancellation.


Holy crap, did you even try to explain to the buyer that it wasn’t your fault and that redoing it would mean double work on your part?

Besides, you actually did your job, which means that you are entitled to claim at least part of the money that was promised for the work.

Tried to explain that, but the buyer was clear that no payment was to be made for the overwritten work,

That’s bad, I’m sorry about that, a back up in the future would save you from that situation. Maybe as an option you could add some extras to your project, so that the buyer will pay at least some more money for redoing?

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I cancelled on the buyer, I was no longer interested in working with the buyer even if it means losing potential earnings in future.

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actually the best way to solve this prob.