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Buyer asking Refund after work done!

Hello Every one need help :slight_smile:
So I was recently working on some project and client wanted me to create about 35 characters !
I created free demo and he approved and placed order…I gave best offer to him. Like I offer him everything in just 30% of original price!
I started work and he keep asking for updates what I keep sending him! Every time he approved 70-80% of work and give revision for remaining ! I kept doing changes for revisions.
At last I sent him around 38 characters including revision and I still had 4 characters to create to reach to 35 Original final one…he asked Source file for all but I did not send!
suddenly next day I wake up seeing his dispute of canceling order and wrote ‘POOR QUALITY’ !
I decline, and he is now not approving order! I keep decline is dispute…what way we are heading ??
what should I do ?
II invested almost 16 days on it ! I could earn more than that if I did not take this order…but now he is not willing to pay me this after all my work?
can any one help me on this? should I contact CS? would they help me ?
Thanks you guys…please help me out!

You should contact with Fiverr Support. Only they can help you.
And Fiverr always Fair for everyone .

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I send message to fiverr CS :slight_smile: hope they will help me !

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Tell them with honesty. Hoping best support for you.

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so I talk to CS, and they just suggested me to talk to Buyer who is not ready to pay because he already got all work for free!
CS said I have to solve this buyer mutually and they cant force buyer to accept order if he is not satisfied!
I attached SCs that shows that buyer approved work in message…still hoping for good solution…I messaged to CS again!

Come on. CS already provided you with your answer. Why are you still expecting that they will tell you something else? Fiverr has the policy of requiring buyers and sellers to work these things out on their own. Fiverr even told you to do this. You have your answer. Work it out with your buyer. Continuing to harass CS in the hopes of receiving a different answer will not end well.

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You are right sir, !
But buyer don’t in mood of soving this because he got 80% of the work now…and he apoved them !
Now if buyer will contact cs ? I am sure fiverr will cancel this order and I will lose everything !
How can I do partially cancellation?
May be fiverr refund half to buyer ne half to me ?
Is that possible ?

One of the most common mistakes new sellers make is that they don’t set the right expectations and continue to work on projects that are not going anywhere. Now, you’re not a newbie. How come you haven’t developed a proper process for handling such situations?

Why? You have plenty of examples in your portfolio. Stop doing free work!

Why did you keep doing revisions? A professional would allow 2-3 revisions and that’s it. You have limited # of revisions listed under your package, why on earth did you work on the project for 16 days?
If you can’t get it right with 2-3 revisions then either you don’t know what you’re doing or the client isn’t properly explaining themselves. Either way it’s a waste of time for both sides.


The order was actually Custom order for 10 days and 35 characters! I sent him updates and he approved them! at End of 10 days he had few characters to revise! so I revise them for few more day! and when he thought everything looks fine with revision, he Dispute !

I keep sendinf updates and he was really happy with them and approving them! so things were good !

You need to rethink your revision process.
When a client approves an order then it should be closed.

You shouldn’t be sending updates back and forth. You send it once, they review and if something needs to be changed you make the final modifications and that’s it.

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This happened to me last week. Same story. and also buyer violated TOS. I informed cs. But they cancelled the order.

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I am afraid CS will do same with me…! what can be better solution?

You’re helpless. Sorry for the situation.

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As I mentioned before. You need to rethink your revision process. You’re doing it wrong and buyers will take advantage of it.


HMM! I will take care of this on my all gigs and may be larger order with mile stone ?
for now how can I get paid for what I have delivered and worked on?

Hi there,
I have read your conversation above and I think you are is a very unfortunate position with this client. I don’t have a solution to your question if you will get paid for the job but I might have an idea on how to protect yourself from clients like that in the future. I know, when you are working on a project and willing to give your client effectively as many revisions as needed to satisfy your client expectations make sure you never send him finalized product before he marks it as complete. Send him drafts. Send him a work with your watermark on it or maybe a lower res product that he cannot use it until he completes the gig and receives from you a full on version. That might help…

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That will surly help :slight_smile: Thanks…
but at last if he would be no longer in need of our work although he approved, then what about our invested time and our efforts ? we could have done something else and might have money for that work ! RIght??

Unfortunately, that’s the risk every self-employed person is willing / must take. You’r the boss of yourself and unfortunately you will have to pay for those risks. I understand your frustration but better let go and move on, concentrate on new jobs and learn the lesson by protecting your work. You can even state that in brief in message to your future clients, that due to you bad experience you protecting your work. If you will be honest with them what’s the reason behind i am sure they will understand. If not, that means this client is not willing to work with you as a partner, therefore he is not worth your time.
Good luck !

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One of my buyer completed the order. One day After completing the order, Fiverr cancelled my order without informing me anything.

I would re-deliver and tell him it’s against Fiverr’s TOS to issue refunds for work that has been completed according to instructions. Quote the section in the TOS that says this. Restate what his instructions were, and what you delivered. Be professional but firm, and don’t allow him to walk all over you.