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Buyer asking to cancel the order after work


Hello everyone,
i hope you all are doing great. I have a problem with one of my buyer. He asked me to make some designs and i have done the designs and send it to him and now he’s saying ’ i’m having some copyright issue i don’t want these designs, cancel this order’ What should i do now NEED HELP?

Anticipating a response!


Contact customer support and they will guide you with the correct response.

Or. In my case, I would cancel the order in order to avoid a negative review (which is imminent)

Hopefully youwill be able to have this resolved right away.

:bulb: Joe


Are the images you’ve created actually yours?

One of your gig examples is listed on Getty images for £485 - might be a problem for you.


yes all are mine can i see it?


so i think i should cancel it right?


Search for Man Doing A Beer Bong Vector Art

looks remarkably similar to the one on your gig.


I think so! I’m hoping you won’t lose much :wink:

I see that you’re just starting out and it’s not worth having a negative review at your stage!

If this was happening to me, I would cancel it. But I recommend contacting support to see if they can help.

:bulb: Joe


yes lets see if they can help. thanks


Please take note to @offlinehelpers

In your gig title you suggest that you’ll create a “professional and unique logo” though your gig image is clearly not unique.

I suggest you remove it and upload a design you created :wink:

:bulb: Joe


A part of your profile description: “Graphic Designer who likes to run over every detail of the work to ensure the highest quality possible for my client. Every aspect of a piece of work is unique.”

3 profiles on another freelancing platform: “I like to run over every detail of the work personally, to ensure the highest quality possible for my client. Every aspect of a piece of work is unique”

Not exactly copied, but similar enough for Google to recognize.

That Batman T-shirt is certainly not unique as you claim in the gig title. If that’s how you created the design for your buyer, too, your buyer should be concerned about the copyright.


He sent me the designs that i was supposed to design exactly not like this.


If that’s the case, you can try asking Customer Support for help, but if you do that, I suggest writing your own profile description and uploading only images that you have personally created from scratch before they get a chance to take a look at your profile.


If you have created them on your own and there is no copy right risk… you should Contact Customer Support… do not sell free work… Be sure to present your case precisely and truly… But if there are some copy right issues try to avoid them in future. Take it as lesson and cancel the order.


i had something like that happen to me just a week or so ago. The buyer, after the work was done and ready for delivery, wanted to cancel the order because they had changed their mind on what they wanted. From the start i was very clear with the buyer in terms of services and what they would get. They seem very eager, until it was time to make the delivery. They kept asking for changes upon changes, until they asked for something entirely different, not even offered in my gig then for a cancelation. Despite all my years as a fiverr seller, i was at a lose, but after much talk with the support team a cancelation was the best option. It did affect my stats, ratings and even my sales volume, but a bad review would have done even more harm, so cancelling the order will be best and worth it in the long run.


Cheater buyer I had a same problame fiverr need to give a good punishment as buyer.i don’t know but seller needs a high security why not we give more time to complete buyer request and spend money to buy internet mb.


Please tell me how or what you feel is suitable punishment to buyers?

I and all the buyers reading this forum - some not logged on - are curious to know.

Even if 5r won’t, you should Institute these punishments towards all buyers.:unamused:


Public flogging Gina - it’s the only way!

In some case, if sellers were honest about their abilities, languages spoken and their fluency, location, gender etc. then I’m sure an awful lot of these problems could be avoided, as buyers are putting their faith in sellers who need to be trusted.


Yup. I completely agree.

I think all buyers should be banned from 5r. That’ll be great punishment! :laughing::laughing:


Oh my gosh!! Buyers actually read these forum! :astonished:

No way!

Some actually read without logging on! :scream:


ooooooh Some S&M action! :imp: