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Buyer asking to cancel the order due to Hurricane

When i am almost done with all the revisions required for the project…now suddenly buyer ask to cancel the order because there is Hurricane at his place and it is of no use to him. I can completely understand his situation but still canceling will affect my profile and after my hard work why would i suffer?

Please let me know what to do as he is returning buyer and i don’t want him to disappoint as well.


Since you already put your time and effort into it… I mean, it’s a shame there’s no use for what you did because of the hurricane, but that wasn’t foreseeable, and mostly, it’s no reason for you to give away your time and work.

I’d try and make him understand this. Just because he needs it cancelled it doesn’t mean you already worked in it, so try and still charge, it’s what’s fair.


The hurricane is temporary and he can always get what you sent later. If you did the work you still need to be paid so it’s no reason for him to get a refund.


Actually the show timing which he specifies will be over then so he said it is f no use to him…as he is my returning client i don’t want to disappoint him. I said let it be due for some other project and let it be complete for now…but still he does not agree.

If you did the work then you should be paid regardless of his problems.


Ok…thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

Scammers gonna scam.


If there’s something I learned from years of managing a business is that there is what’s right, and there is what’s good for your business. Sometimes, making small, REASONABLE concessions to clients will earn their loyalty and bring more business, which will ultimately offset the previous loss many times over.

You should consider the following variables:

  • How reasonable is this concession?
    Agreeing to unreasonable concessions may lead to more unreasonable concessions expected by this client. In this case, while the request is not that reasonable, it is very clear that it should be a one-time thing based on real events… at least until the following hurricane.

  • Are there good chances the client will keep buying from you if you make this concession, and conversely, is there a chance he will take his business elsewhere at some point if you don’t agree to it?
    You should consider this only if he’s a repeat customer. Don’t trust someone who just bought from you once and promises ‘a lot of work’ down the line.

  • Do you NEED this client to keep buying from you?
    If you are swamped with work most of the time, letting the client go to make room for less ‘troublesome’ clients may be advisable

  • Is the amount of work/money you will lose by agreeing to this client’s request something you are willing to forfeit in exchange for the possibility that there is more work for you down the line?
    If the amount is too high for the benefits/profit you would obtain in the future, it may be worth losing the client over. More will probably come.

I’m not giving you easy answers because there are none. But these are some points that you should consider for your specific case. None of us know your client and situation better than you do.


I don’t think it is a scam. As i have a good experience with him working before. It is just the situation which is not in favour of both of us.

Thank you…It will help me decide what will be right. The amount of the project is not of too high and i think that as i had a good experience with him… I agreed to provide him some concession…i don’t know whether it is reasonable or unreasonable …but the client is firm with his decision to cancel the project and customer support can’t do anything in this matter.

I don’t understand. I thought you actually did the job and delivered it since you said you are almost done with all the revisions. But it’s up to you of course.

Divya, give him a cancellation. No ifs or buts - when someone is in trouble because of a natural disaster you should do whatever little you can to help. How would you feel if something like that happened in India? Treat others like you want to be treated yourself.


Writer has a good point.


I understand his situation and that is why i am keeping the order due and agreed to provide him any work in future. I think there should be mutual agreement so that it can help both of us. I would like to add that i would offer the same thing if the client belongs to India as well. As i said i can feel what he has been going through and it will not be a loss for him.


Finally i have to cancel it…Just hoping my profile or gigs will not affect more due to this cancellation.

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Don’t worry about it, I have cancelled plenty in my time. It is impossible not to cancel. The reason should make sense that’s all…in this case it does.

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I think you did the right thing.


Thanks for a better description

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