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Buyer asking to copy a copyright material available on internet


Buyer is asking me to copy a PPT which is available on the internet. So the situation is he has taken Screenshots and asking me to replicate it for 28 dollars. 1 dollar for every page.
Thing is that PPT is someone’s intellectual property and he’s selling it on some website for 150 dollars. So my question is the buyer violating any terms of service?


its been a big issue some of the buyer come and ask for vector tracing and we did but not so sure about is it tos violation or nor
if it this then fiverr have to tell the buyers they should not destroy the gig of seller as this happens with me my top gig is no more


I would suggest you to cancel the order, block the buyer and start looking for more work. This project could be very harmful for your profile.

  1. The original content creator could complaint to Fiverr against you.
  2. Buyer could complaint you to Fiverr against you.
  3. Fiverr themself find that you are doing copyright infringement and take your profile down.
  4. Buyer can chargeback and run away with your hard earned money.

So skip this order and run away from such clients.


Yes they are. In the same way as copying any branded product breaks the law.


then fiverr should educate the buyers
why they are not doing this instead of killing sellers while seller work so hard even for 1 cent and give their everything to make clients happy


Common sense should indicate that asking a seller to do something illegal would break the ToS.

It is mentioned in the ToS:

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Users supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials as part of the Buyer requirements or the Seller’s delivery.

I have no idea why this would be relevant to the OP’s question.


Does Cancelling the order will cause any harm to me ?


Yes, Cancelling an order does affect an account. It affects the seller’s “order completion rate” till the next 60 days.
To know more about Cancellations, visit here:


@soumya77, are you ever going to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? First you complained that you were flagged for the wrong reason, and then it turned out that you have broken the rules multiple times; and now, you ask about something that you would’ve known about if you have bothered to read Fiverr’s ToS.

As for this

yes, it will affect your statistics, but if you do something illegal like the buyer wants you to do, you can lose your account. Perhaps the best thing to do in this situation is to contact Customer Support immediately, ask them to cancel the order for you because the buyer wants you to copy copyrighted material, and ask them if it’s possible that this cancellation doesn’t affect your stats, because it’s really not your fault.


True … however I as a seller can’t guess if that design is copyrighted or not unless it’s very obvious . I personally do reverse image checking when this is necessary and the buyer asks about a specific design but you can’t be sure if it’s his design or not … if this happens I don’t think it’s the sellers fault .


Nobody wants to stop the dollar stream, sellers are penalized considering about keeping the network clean.

But buyers want service, they face less problems, the come with an account and finish everything like that, fast and easy


Thing is i didn’t know it is a copyright document. For curiosity i did some research and found out about it.


If you have gone through TOS, now you need to exercise common sense… It’s not that hard, please try it.


The forum is for discussion right? people ask queries here. If for everything TOS is the solution then why is the forum for?


Given the question:

…the sequence would be:

  1. read the TOS
  2. search on the forum
  3. if 1) and 2) is not enough, ask on the forum.


You have went through ToS, where it’s clearly stated that the order will be cancelled if users supplied copyright infringing materials, and yet you need to ask about everyone’s opinion whether the buyer is violating the ToS?