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Buyer asking to deliver product in messages

Please help I’m new to fiverr. Recently a buyer contacted me for order and said that his Bank Card is not working so he is going to ask his friend to place order, after a day his friend contacts me and places the order. When I delivered the order, The actual buyer says he can’t contact his friend anymore so I should deliver the order to him in messages. Order is in Delivered state right now, Should I deliver it to the actual buyer who didn’t ordered it by himself?


Don’t deliver on messages.

Always make sure to deliver on order page…

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You do realise this has scammer written all across it? Bank card not working / friend placed the order instead / now the friend magically can’t be contacted, etc.

Anyway, always deliver to the account that paid you / placed the order. Always ensure that you ‘deliver’ the order and not attach it to a message.

Assuming you’ve done the above, I personally can’t see too much of an issue with also attaching the wok as a message to your contact. UNLESS however it’s unique work such as original writing / design, etc in which case your buyer might claim that you’ve also been messaging his friend the same work, therefore it’s not unique and he’s going to cancel the order for a refund. As I said, it has scammer written across it.


I think its upto you. To play safe i think you should not deliver on messages.

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