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Buyer asking to do smth I'm not sure is legal

Hey everyone. I’m new on fiverr and within 2 weeks here I finally received my first order. However the person is asking me to change some info on the photo of passport! As much as I’m tempted to take it cause it will be my first order I believe it’s illegal to do smth like this even on photo. What are your thoughts?

You can ask CS to see if they can cancel it without it affecting stats. You can’t do the work if it’s fraud/illegal.


Pretty sure this IS illegal… But contact the Customer Support Center for more infos.


Definitely illegal. Don’t do it. As others have suggested, contact Customer Support to cancel it for you (and to tell them about the buyer who wants you to commit a fraud).


Thank you all! I’ll do exactly as you say, contact Support :slight_smile:


You have to contact to costumer support they will help you and please don’t do this if it is illegal or fraud it may lead you in trouble.

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