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Buyer asking to handle his wordpress website

I recently came across a buyer who wants me to write blogs directly on his wordpress website. Because his website was under construction and I could not look at his website to have an idea.Now, what should I do?

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We have no context, so…

But if you were just commissioned to write posts, then publishing them is out of scope and the buyer is out of line asking you to do that.

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Is it allowed to share email with buyer for this purpose. The buyer said that he has to make my account on his website to allow me access so that I can have an idea about content.Later he asked me to publish posts. I have not taken the order yet.

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How can I answer that if you haven’t told me what the order would actually be?

You still haven’t asked my original question. If you’d like my help you need to meet me half-way.

The buyer can tell you about the content and explain what, exactly, they expect you to write, or give you login credentials so you can login without giving him personal contact information.

If you don’t offer publishing posts, and only offer writing them, tell your buyer.