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Buyer Asking Too much!


One of my buyer is asking too much for an order. He asked me to design a logo and selected my gig extra with title “I will make two different designs for logo”. I delivered him the files completely as per the order. Then he said he will like to see some signature logo So I offered him 3 different Typography variations for free. And then he is asking me to start work all over again and design everything again.

So I asked me to pay extra to get the job done. Now he is asking for a refund just because he didn’t like my designs??

what should I do?


Refuse and contact customer support. You should not given him free work. You should always be paid for your work, including samples.


Your post is a little confusing - I don’t see any gig extra with that title and I’m not sure if the buyer has actually requested a cancellation or is just saying he wants a refund to threaten you into doing more work. But if you completed what your gig description says, or what the buyer agreed to in messages, I agree with cheezees, contact Customer Support.


Reply to @itsyourthing: well it was for my other gig,Which I have paused now due to Too many orders on other gig. Also I have already told about the issue to Customer Support. Thanx for suggestion. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I hope it all works out for you. :slight_smile:


Ahh… the perks of being a designer! I’ve had this with clients before and I end up doing way too much work for free :frowning: But in this case… it’s from $5. Amazing how much people expect for such little!


Reply to @beckybee: Not every buyer does that. But yes there are few of them on fiverr.


Reply to @bachas85: Yes I did that only, also I refused to refund him as I had worked on that project. So now the buyer has left a negative feedback because of that. I have reported this issue to the fiverr customer support. Hope they will resolve this issue soon. :slight_smile: