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Buyer asks for extra work


I have this client who asked for a couple of extra work, i provided him. now he is asking for more and more. i said you have to pay for it since it is not included in the package that you purchased. he requested to cancel the order. i think the reason why he asks for all these stuff just to cancel the order so he won’t pay for the service he got.

I asked Fiverr to solve the issue, they ask me to reach an agreement with the buyer. and it is not possible, he keeps giving me work and work. and i have tons of other works to do. i can’t spend all my time work for this client, i think Fiverr has been so unfair here. what should i do now?


Hello Sophia,

I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, not all buyers are decent here.

I assume that your buyer has received all the work and source files? Is he asking for more work through infinite revisions or just in a chat? I am not sure how cancelation works after delivery, I’ve never had it done. But I believe that if you delivered according to his original brief and completed edits based on your revisions amount, you should contact Fiverr once more. You can’t reach agreement with someone who refuses to pay for a complete order.


Thank you so much for your response. I am a logo designer, i designed a logo for him, he said okay i have another business, design another logo for that business too, then designed a couple of more logos for his second business for free. he says he i don’t like them, design more logos for me. i said if you want me to design more logos, you have to buy an additional logo, otherwise ask for revision which is free. He says no revision, either design more logos or i will cancel it. He got much more than he purchased. but he is just using excuses to cancel the order; it is obvious. I contacted Fiverr they says you have to reach agreement with the buyer, we can’t do anything. And there is no way to reach an agreement with him, he just does not wanna pay!


Did you deliver your designs via “Deliver” button or did you just show him previews within chat? If you delivered officially and he doesn’t want any revisions, then your order should be automatically marked as complete in 3 days. As long as your buyer doesn’t request modification/revision. In that case it will just sit in there without being completed.

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I delivered via deliver button, but he requested cancellation.

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On your place I would’ve contact support and described it in a different light, that the customer started blackmailing you threatening that he will cancel the order if you wouldn’t provide free work. That is against fiverr TOS and fiver takes blackmailing seriously. And that’s basically what your client is doing.

Also mention to them that you drew the map of the gig description and that everything was delivered according to your gig description and even more (you might want to do that for a client too to cover yourself)
Secondly send them a print screen of fiverr terms that says that orders are not cancelled based on quality of work and you delivered everything according to your gig.
And third print screen his gig requirements and highlight in red part at the bottom that’s says that buyer confirmed that information that he provided is accuarate and all additional requirements might be subject to extra charge.


Thank you so much Maria for your response, i try one more time with Fiverr and do, i will do what you recommended. i hope they will fix my issue

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Yes! The “blackmail” piece is so key. I’d be very interested if Fiverr hears that Sophia was blackmailed and still doesn’t help.

So sorry this is happening to you, Sophia. Some people are so unethical and rude.


Thank you so much for your response. I have been working so hard on my Fiverr account, i plan to make Fiverr my main job, but when i see Fiverr does not care about the sellers, i get so disappointed


You said that is against fiverr TOS and fiver takes blackmailing seriously. i was looking at Fiverr’s TOS i did not see such a thing. is it possible if you can show me that?


She already provided the logos for free.

This is where the buyer trapped you. Why did you provided the work for free? You should stay on what you are offering in the gig (description) and order requirement(s). If the order requirement(s) are met, then you should not have to worry. Why you are over-delivering the work that is not mentioned in gig or the order requirements?

Simply, communicate with the buyer saying “This order was to deliver so and so logo and the same has been fulfilled, if you require any revision(s) on the delivered work then please request your modification within 72 hrs, as failing to do so will result in auto-completion of the order”.

Communication is the key!! Try to communicate with your buyer if they are responding.

Good Luck!!


Thank you so much Rahulgraphics, the problem is whenever he responds to me, he presses the revision button. for that reason the order will not be completed after 3 days!

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So sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully, Fiverr would be able to help you out if you apply these wonderful suggestions raised here.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion


Thank you dawudsky

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Hi, what you may do is try to find out if the buyer is already using the logos you designed. Google the name of the business or search for it on Facebook and other social media platforms. If you are lucky to find him using the logo, take a snapshot and send that to Fiverr CS along with the link where you found it on. They would ensure that you get paid because the buyer as acted fraudulently. I’m sorry about this experience. It is heart wrenching.


@sophia_2018 I’d be glad to! :slight_smile: Here’s an excerpt from Fiverr’s ToS (under the heading “User Conduct and Protection” and under the sub-heading “General”):

  • Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.

I think blackmailing falls under the “rude/abusive” category.