Buyer Asks For Modification


Okay… I’ve got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach… and I’m almost betting it’s not going to bold well for me. I finished an e-book rewrite for a client. Granted… it was 2 days past the deadline he paid for (only because the writing he wanted to me rewrite from was HORRIBLE!) IThe order itself wasn’t late but he paid for an extra fast after I told HIM initially I could NOT get it done in that timeframe.

If ya’ll could have seen it, you would have cringed! Words I have NEVER HEARD OF. The original e-book was written like stereo instructions. However, I told him right off the bat, it wasn’t going to be completed in that time frame and I let him see what was done so far.

He said he loved it and to keep going. He would even allow me an additional 5 days because the “draft” looked so good. On the third day of it to be auto-completed (today), I get a request for modification. Nothing’s wrong with the order… yet. He just requested a modification to ensure that it didn’t auto complete and would look it over on Wednesday. This same day means the order goes late.

I’ve decided to resend the delivery through with a note that if you needs to have revisions completed after the order has been auto-completed, he is welcome to send them through and I will - up to three times - make changes.

We’ll see what happens… but what do ya’ll think about buyers like this? He’s said he’s tried many Fiverr writers before and never got a good result. However, my spidey senses are tingling… and it’s not a cheap order $90. So I’d be out quite a bit…