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Buyer asks for more than requirement

Buyer asks me more than his requirement. More than we agreed before order. and more than my gig…

what should I do??

Explain that additional work requires additional payment.

Reply to @inkpetal: I explained… But he is not ready to pay… I offered him alternative …Hope this works. what if he provides bad feedback?

How much more extra work is it? If it’s not too much it might be better just to do the work but explain to them if they order again they need to pay more.

I’ve done this several times, and they buyers usually come back and pay more - personally I would rather not have a negative review!

Reply to @premiphotos: If he tries to blackmail you with bad feedback in order to get more than you agreed on, explain to him that it’s against Fiverr ToS, and if that doesn’t work, contact Customer Support. They should be able to sort it out.

Even though you may have in your profile the realm of work you want to stay in with your gig, it’s also good to have in highlight and in bold in your profile that you must be contacted for a quote if it’s more then X amount of work so they can ask you for a price for the work the customer wants done.

I agree with @ruffcut, @inkpatel and the others. If it’s only a little bit of extra work (a gig or two worth), then I would just grit my teeth and do it and politely let them know this normally would be extra but since you are such a nice person you are doing it for free…this time. Next time will require the proper payment.

BUT, if it’s a significant amount of work, which would take five to ten times more effort and time, then stick to your guns and get Customer Support to back you up if the buyer doesn’t back down.

Good Luck!