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Buyer asks for revision without mentioning what's needed to be done

Hello everyone.
I have a problem with a buyer, he placed an order and submitted the requirements, a day after that I delivered it, and now is asking for revision without telling me what’s wrong or what’s needed to be done. The big issue here is since he asked for the revision he’s not responding to my messages, I had to redeliver the work again as the countdown is showing a big red LATE.
So what should I do in this case? I don’t want my ranking to be affected. Thanks


Hi. That kind of buyer behaviour is rather thoughtless, as the seller will have to wait even longer for the payment for work that has been done on time and also might force a seller to decline new jobs to keep open a time window for potential revisions in their schedule. Those buyers also might do themselves a disfavour, as probably many sellers won’t want too many of that buyer type.

However, you don’t need to worry about the LATE - as long as your initial delivery was on time, your rating won’t be affected.


Hi, thank you for your reply, I redelivered the order again and this time he accepted it without any comments. Maybe he did that unintentionally in the first place.


Or the buyer is a reseller and placed the order on revision so that he could first clear it with HIS client before accepting it.

It’s a scuzzy move, but not uncommon.