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Buyer asks for samples but I don't have any... what do I do?

I have a buyer interested in purchasing my gig (proofreading gig) and is asking for samples. I don’t have any samples because he/she will be the first person who is purchasing my gig. I told the buyer I don’t have any samples. What should I do?

Should I proofread a writing I find online (for example) just to show the buyer. Need some ideas… Very Urgent!!


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If your buyer needs you to proofread a larger piece, perhaps you can proofread a small section of it as a paid sample?

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Well, the buyer wants me to proofread 1000 words. So…

In that case, since I assume you need that order and the potential review, you can find a short text online and proofread it. There are many free proofreading tests that offer texts for practice instead of just sentences.


Great Idea! Thank You :smile:

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Good News @roots282!
The buyer is going to buy from me. I sent him a text that I proofread and he was impressed! Thank you for your suggestion :smile: :blush:


Awesome, congrats! And you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your first order! Cheers to many more to come!

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Thank You @renelisabreur! :blush: