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Buyer asks me to send files to his gmail (delivery was accepted)

The project is done, buyer has accepted the delivery, but he also asks me to send files to gmail as well. Is it legal in Fiverr? He shared gmail, so is there any reason to get banned? For the first time in 3 years, I come across such a case here.

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I don’t know if its against Fiverr ToS or not maybe others can help. If you afraid that it might break the TOS you can ask the buyer to download the file itself, however the order has been completed right?

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It is technically against the ToS and the buyer would have agreed to those terms when they ordered. I wouldn’t risk it.

I think there is a weird section in the ToS that contradicts itself but I will check now.

Bottom line - don’t do it, and read the ToS!

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Contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden. The buyer might not be aware of that.

If the buyer has trouble downloading the files (why marking the order as complete if that’s the case, though?), you can upload them to DropBox (without any contact info) and send your buyer the link.


Here are the two sections in the ToS regarding your question. It is definitely black and white in the ToS.

This is a good idea.


Yes, the order has been completed

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Thanks! He sent his gmail, but I didn’t reply him regarding his gmail, I just said that you can mark the order as completed, and download the files. So he did it. I just was worried if I may get ban or not

thanks for pointing that out